Empowering women through blockchain: unlocking opportunities and driving innovation


In the blockchain industry, gender disparity continues to be apparent, where women’s involvement and representation are noticeably lower compared to men. Although the exact numbers vary depending on the source and the specific industry area being analysed, studies consistently show that women are underrepresented in blockchain and cryptocurrency in general. The Global Crypto User Index … Read more

AIDEC Digital & consortium partners launch AI Centre of Excellence with a co-location at Academic City University College

The newly commissioned AIDEC AI Centre of Excellence

AIDEC Consultancies International Ltd (AIDEC Digital) has opened its ultra-modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) Centre of Excellence at AIDEC Plaza, East Legon, Accra with co-location at Academic City University College, Accra, Ghana. The two AI centers of excellence is a result of a Consortium Partnership between them, the Institute of ICT Professionals (IIPGH), Ghana, and their … Read more