personal skills

10 personal skills every entrepreneur needs

Being an entrepreneur isn’t just about the business side of things. You might be tempted to think that you can simply start your business and run it mechanically, tending to financial...
Project Management Professional (PMP) certification

Advance your career with a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification

So you've been placed in a position to lead or supervise a project at work or some other organisation you engage with. Or you regularly find such leadership roles being thrust...
Here are 7 powerfull & useful yet simple strategies for engaging and keeping your mobile app users. Follow these tips to retain as much users

7 useful strategies for engaging and keeping your mobile app users

Getting people to use your mobile app is not an easy task these days as more apps like apps are created almost every day. But keeping users on your mobile app...
new year

6 steps for a better skilled and a stronger you in 2019

The new year is still still in it's early stage and your new year resolutions are still staring at you right in your soul. Though we may not all achieve our...

7 skills to help you start 2019 strong

The end of the year is always a good time to pick up new skills, so you can set up a powerful foundation for the new year. And it doesn't stop...
How to go from an intern to a well paid career professional

How to go from an intern to a well paid career professional

It can be hard transitioning from being an intern into a well paid career professional. Whatever your chosen field, there’s intense competition for employment. While there are opportunities available, most of...
career plan ghana

Career coaching and advice

In a certain sense, one may also think of your career plan as a roadmap. The journey you are on is your professional career and your map is your plan. The...
programming languages an aspiring web developer

6 essential programming languages an aspiring web developer needs to master

Are you an aspiring web developer? Here's a question for you: Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and Amazon. What do they have in common? Answer: they are monuments to the medium called web development,...

4 Small Daily Habits That Will Have A Big Impact On Your Career   

Greek philosopher Aristotle said: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act- it is a habit.” This quote holds good, till date and continues to gain significance...
Top Skills app developer

The Top Skills You Should Have To Be A Great App Developer

With how successful the app industry can be; it’s no surprise to anyone that people are becoming more and more interested in becoming an app developer. In fact, there are many...
tips prepare job interview

Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Job Interview

In life, success happens when opportunity meets preparation. When looking forward to your dream job, preparing for your interview is indispensable. By preparing adequately and timely, you position yourself for success...