cooking recipe apps Android

Best cooking and recipe apps for Android in 2020

Are you a baker or do you just love cooking? Luckily for you, there are lots of applications you can use in the kitchen for the recipes and cooking help you...
access WAEC past questions uLesson

How to access WAEC past questions and answers on the uLesson app

uLesson, a mobile application for students was unveiled a few weeks back and it is home to lots of useful educational materials. The materials, including video tutorials and past questions are...
Videoconferencing apps trending coronavirus

Top 5 video conferencing apps trending amidst coronavirus

COVID-19 has pushed people all over the world to live in the new normal, and though the adverse effects of the pandemic cannot be overlooked, the repercussions cannot be entirely seen as...
Apple Google coronavirus apps

Apple, Google frown against location tracking in coronavirus contact tracing apps

Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc's Google have said they do not plan to allow location tracking in a new contact tracing system they are working on to combat the coronavirus pandemic,...
Ghana relaxes Covid-19 restrictions

Ghana unveils COVID-19 symptom tracker app

The coronavirus pandemic has altered so many things and this has forced governments all over the world to try to provide solutions for their citizens. Ghana, for example, has been testing...
Mental Health Apps coronavirus pandemic

Mental health apps are experiencing surging demand during the Coronavirus pandemic

Over the past month, people are sharing their worst anxieties related to COVID-19 over text messages. Some of them cannot stop crying because they are worried about job security as there...
Best Free Photo Collage Maker

3 of the best free photo collage maker that you might want to try

Today, people love to record themselves, as well as take pictures so that they can post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media apps. People capture tons of images...
guardaround app

Guardaround app to offer real-time safety alerts of incidents to users in Africa

Finally, some good news amid the rising grim reports of crimes, robberies and other accidents that pose a serious threat to our safety; an upcoming mobile project is striving to improve...
10 top dating apps ghana

10 top dating apps used by Ghanaians

Search on dating apps in Ghana over the past week has increased according to reports gathered by our website analytics. However, I have seen many users land on our article on...
online betting applications

Most well-known online betting applications

There are a large number of betting applications launched in the last few years to make gambling easy and, most importantly, legal for the users. Turning the betting app to the...

ECG Power Mobile App: Learn how to download ECG Power on Android & iPhone

The Vice President of Ghana, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, join ECG to launch the new ECG mobile app called ECG Power officially. ECP Power Mobile app is not first from the company. However,...
Google Digital Wellbeing for phone addiction

Google apps that can help you reduce phone addiction

Google in its effort to help smartphone addicts, has released 3 mobile apps that can help reduce phone addiction, especially among the younger generation. These new phone addiction apps are Envelope, Active Bubbles,...
TeacherTapp Ghana app

Ghana Society of Education & Technology to launch TeacherTapp Ghana app

The Ghana Society of Education and Technology is gearing up to launch a mobile app for Ghanaian teachers. This app, called the TeacherTapp Ghana, is set to be launched in February...
Octi, first people-powered social AR platform

Snapchat has a new rival called Octi

Snapchat,  is arguably one of the social mobile apps that massively uses augmented reality (AR), especially for its filters feature. In introduction now is Octi, with more advanced features which stands...
period tracking apps

Best period tracking apps for every woman

Ladies, a period application will help you monitor your menstrual cycle and prevent you from bothering your head about unexpected stains. See Best period tracking apps for every woman: 1. Flo period...
funny tiktok users to follow

5 really funny TikTok users to follow right now

Let’s put Twitter aside, for now. TikTok is one hell of a funny platform. I promise some of the users on the app will always make your day. So I’m going to...
david's disposable camera app

This fun disposable camera app presents your photos after hours

There is this camera app that is very fun to use. David’s Disposable camera app is the app on discovery. What’s so fun about this app? As you might say, is it not...
how to go live on tiktok

How to go live on TikTok

TikTok, one of the breakthrough mobile apps for last year, is a very fun video-sharing app. It is a platform where users share short funny videos. There’s also a live-streaming feature...
best free apps for new mac computer

5 best free apps for your new Mac computer

Your new Mac (MacBook) obviously will need some apps to make its use more comfortable. Well, here are some of the best free apps you can start using on your new...
free best apps for new Windows computer

5 free best apps for your new Windows computer

You got a new Windows computer? If you are especially new to the Windows environment or not really versed in it, you wouldn’t know what to do. Well, I got these...