ZroNet app gives free data to users

ZroNet App: Browse with zero internet data

Frequently run out of data when you need it the most? Well, ZroNet Africa is here with its ZroNet mobile app. With this app, you can get free internet data and...
Android market share on the rise again in Ghana

Android market share on the rise again in Ghana

Ghana’s community of smartphone users appears to be embracing Android’s operating system once again, as its market share has risen since the start of 2019 according to new data from StatCounter....
WhatsApp Business iOS app

WhatsApp Business app for iOS begins worldwide rollout

Facebook-owned messaging app, WhatsApp, has started to roll out the other version of it — WhatsApp Business — to iOS users worldwide. WhatsApp Business is a different version of the messaging...
best android launchers for 2020

My best Android launchers for 2020

There are tons of launchers for Android smartphones if you don’t like the mundane interface of your phone. These launchers give your phone a different feel and look. Some of the...
AlcDroid Alcohol Calculator is an Android app that tracks how much alcohol you are drinking and calculates the level of your blood alcohol...

AlcDroid: the app that tracks how much alcohol you are drinking

AlcDroid is an Android mobile app that tracks your alcohol drinking activity. It can help you reduce how much you are drinking. We are almost out of the festive period so the...
Android 10 features

Google Android 10: The best new features

The much-awaited Android 10 has now been released by Google on September 3, first onto Pixel phones. This year’s version came a little late but I guess it’s better late than...
Best file sharing apps for Android smartphones

Best file sharing apps for Android smartphones

File sharing apps are really useful, especially in this era of smartphones. Sharing files is also one of the common features of Android smartphones, unlike iOS, where some files like music...

How to get Google’s Avengers AR sticker packs on your Android device

The idea of augmented reality isn't new, but the world of smartphones is looking to push it forward in a big way. As with any platform, both product demand and technological...
google bans huawei

Google cut ties with Huawei; No more Android updates for Huawei phones

US tech giant, Google has reportedly banned top Chinese phone and communications equipment maker, Huawei. Obviously, this is one of the effects of the US government’s fight with the embattled Chinese...
android 9 pie

Get a slice of Android Pie on your smartphone today: Follow these simple steps

Google released Android pie earlier this month and it came with some awesome features. Even though you can download it right now, it is important to note that it's not for...
Google named these apps as “hidden gems”

Google named these apps as “hidden gems”. You can try them out

Google has revealed its picks for the best apps of the year 2018. Among these awarded apps are five apps which Google says are "hidden gems." Google’s “hidden gem” apps of the...
Snapchat releases redesigned Android app

Snapchat releases redesigned Android app

The Snap company is preparing itself to take on Instagram, Facebook and other social mediums who keep stealing its features. In an attempt to do so, Snap has included a gaming...
android p

5 Android P features that will boost your productivity

Google has taken to introducing latest Android features and exhibits the way forward for Android in coming years at their Google I/O event. However, things were a little different this year. Google focused...
Android One Phones in 2019

Best Android One phones you can afford in 2019

Android One phones are those phones that run the lesser and lighter version of the Android mobile operating system. These phones are basically budget phones and are made with areas with...
enable the new Incognito Mode in Google Maps

How to enable the new Incognito Mode in Google Maps on Android?

Incognito mode in Google Maps can be useful for several reasons. It could be that you are exploring your next holiday destination on a shared phone and you want to keep...

The effective ways to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone

Switching from an Android phone to an iPhone or vice versa always leaves one question when you are someone who would like to move the same your data to the new...
buy the Pixel 4 over Samsung Galaxy S10

6 reasons you should buy the Pixel 4 over Samsung Galaxy S10

Google's Pixel 4 did not deliver in some areas but there are still some things you should consider to go for it ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S10. See our reasons...
smart phone market decline Nigeria SA

The reason why smart phone market is on decline in Nigeria, SA

Recent insight from the International Data Corporation (IDC), has shown that importation of smartphone in Nigeria and other African countries has reduced by 7.1 per cent between January and April, to...
Huawei P30 and P30Pro announced; check their key specs

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro announced; check their key specs

Huawei has announced its next two flagship smartphones, the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro. The two devices are primarily photography-focused series. The smartphone camera challenge doesn’t seem to be fading away...
how to update Wear OS on your smartwatch to Wear OS 2.6.

How to update Wear OS on your smartwatch to the latest Wear OS 2.6

Early last year, Google officially renamed its Android Wear operating system to simply Wear OS. Since then, the company has rolled out multiple updates to the software. The multiple updates to...