The reason most people don’t seek therapy is that they cannot afford it. Maybe your doctor has recommended it to you, but how do you handle the cost involved in it? Or what other options do you have if you cannot afford a therapist?
Therapy can be described as anything that counteracts an unpleasant occurrence to us. Not every sickness can respond to medicine right away. Still, there is a possibility that as an individual seeks the services of a therapist, they can be healed gradually and entirely because once they get the peace of mind, every other aspect of their lives can respond to healing. There are various forms of therapy, but this write-up is limited to therapy related to an individual’s mental health.
In this article, you will discover different options you can resort to if you need the services of a therapist, but you do not have the means to. Listed in no particular order, below are some options available for you if you cannot afford a therapist.

Read self-help books on therapy

In his book, ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’, Norman Vincent Peale stated how staying positive can affect a person’s mental health in significant ways. Maybe you are depressed, and you will give anything in this world to get a peace of mind, hence, an urgent desire to speak to a therapist to get your issue addressed.
Can't afford therapy
But if you can’t afford a therapist, there are many self-help books you can resort to that can help you. Maybe what you need is to have a positive mindset always. So look for books and other materials on your case that can help you.

Check with your hospital if your health insurance covers therapeutic services

Ignorance is no defence is a cliché but applies in new situations. Do not say because you don’t know you will stay unconcerned. Sometimes, the help you might need lies in you asking whether or not your health insurance covers therapeutic services. Take the time and find out and who knows, that might be a step in the direction of connecting you to a professional therapist. You can have a good read on sites such as BetterHelp, to stay continuously informed.

Seek community support

Most communities have support groups that address issues relating to your mental health. When you cannot afford therapy, look for help from community support groups that will be willing to support you. At other times too, these community support groups can make contributions for you to consult a professional therapist if they cannot help you directly.

Watch videos that address your issue online

The internet has made it possible to research the specific issues and problems that can threaten your mental health. There are various videos on mental health uploaded on YouTube or other mediums that can indirectly connect you to a therapist. The only disadvantage is that since you are anonymous to the therapists, they cannot get directly involved with you. Most therapists are willing to connect with you and even offer you free services once you are an avid follower of what they share with the rest of the world. So you can take advantage of their social media platforms to connect with them.

Check out the website of professional counselling agencies

Most professional counselling agencies have various write-ups on their website that addresses mental health concerns.
Can't afford therapy
Do not check on the services they offer or the amount they charge only, also take the pain and go through the various articles they might have on their website. You can check out on sites such as BetterHelp, which offers online professional therapy at a fee. They also have various written articles on their website that addresses different mental health issues.


In life, we do not get the chance to determine everything that happens to us, but there are some things we can control or ensure. And an example is our peace of mind. Everybody deserves peace of mind, so you must try all means possible to restore it if you have lost it. Let nothing prevent you from seeking therapeutic ways to help yourself if you need it, and if you cannot afford a professional therapist, maybe trying these options can work some magic.
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