Coffeeshops, establishments that sell marijuana, has become synonymous with Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The country has decriminalised cannabis. However, the country’s relaxed attitude toward “soft drugs” such as cannabis could potentially change. The Dutch government has, in the past, expressed concern about Nederweit – cannabis with large concentrations of THC. Some government ministers have called for an investigation into whether coffee shops should be banned from selling such potent strains of marijuana, arguing that the THC levels are high enough for them to be categorised as hard drugs.

The past maximise years has seen an astronomical – in cannabis terms! – amount of research into cannabidiol (CBD), and there are 100-plus cannabinoids in marijuana, many of which we still know next-to-nothing about. Therefore, we need to realise that the cannabis industry is about much more than THC. Indeed, it’s vital that with the growing interest in CBD honey sticks, that such products aren’t merely classified as niche. High-CBD strains are just as crucial to the best CBD pre-rolls world as high-THC strains. You can get your CBD pre-rolls from

Sadly, some dispensaries are still not giving CBD-dominant strains the respect they deserve. A common complaint is that dispensaries are often sold out of high-CBD cannabis, which says two things: one, that these strains are very popular, and two, that dispensaries aren’t purchasing enough stock to meet the demand. Other dispensaries have a frustratingly limited selection when it comes to high-CBD strains. It’s time for CBD products to stop being thought of as speciality products and be incorporated into mainstream cannabis medicine. If marijuana does have neuroprotective properties, that’s probably thanks to the CBD.

Furthermore, cannabinoids have been shown to be more powerful in strains with a good balance of CBD and THC. The interactions between the two are synergistic or, as cannabis connoisseurs call it, the entourage effect. Some companies have attempted to maximise this effect by developing vape oils with a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. However, finding dispensaries that sell such products can be a challenge.

Final thoughts

At some stage, the cannabis industry is going to have to ask itself what it hopes to achieve with medical and recreational marijuana. With all the research taking place right now, it’s never been more apparent that cannabis should be recognised for all its qualities, not just the hallucinogenic ones. THC is a mighty compound with a ton of wondrous therapeutic qualities, and high-THC cannabis certainly serves a market that loves it – it’s not about restricting these strains but promoting others.

It makes no sense that customers in legalised states cannot always purchase the best of what modern marijuana has to offer. Nor is it right that some dispensaries are leaving people in the dark about their full range of cannabis options. Re-education is needed, from those simply using cannabis to budtenders tasked with selling it to others. There is a lack of easily available, quality information in both the mainstream medical community and the cannabis community. If dispensaries could provide people with detailed advice about the strains they sell, medicinal users just may stumble across the perfect strain they didn’t even know existed.

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