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Call of Duty is preparing for a new update rolling out season 3 of the Royale Battle. Season 3 will roll out in mid-January, according to the developers. Nevertheless, the latest rumors indicate that they will be released on 17 January with servers going live on 20 January.

The new season will bring forth some new modes, maps, new levels, new scorestreaks and more. The teaser revealed by developers suggests that, there will be multiple challenges available in both Battle Royale and Multiplayer modes. The challenges revealed includes prop hunting, sniper challenge, stick and stones, and a new Dragonfire Scorestreak-MQ-27.

The MQ-27 Dragonfire is a Black Ops 2 combat drone with a machine gun and rocket. The teaser reveals that players can make a fatal and surprising strike with the drone and turn it towards the enemy hideout.

Developers also disclosed that in Season 3 they will add a new scrapyard map to multiplayer mode. This map is based on the classic 3-lane Modern Warfare 2 map. Rapid Fire mode will allow players to get all-in with infinite amounts of ammo, grenades, operator skills and quick recharging scorestreaks.

Two new weapons are coming along with the Season 3 update includes G36C assault rifle and Barrett 50 sniper rifle, according to a recent leak. The G36C gun will be familiar to experienced mobile games fans, as it was also introduced to PUBG Mobile in 2019. Besides, for the third season of Call of Duty Mobile, there will be plenty of new skin items and reward.


  1. […] Call of Duty Mobile season 4 called Disavowed is now live. It introduces a bunch of new features a new map and a new Battle Pass. The new multiplayer Map named Cage and the new HIVE Operators skill have been introduced to the game, as well as a new free Battle Pass, which brings new and unlockable in-game items like Brambles camo ASM10 and comabt knife coupled with items that are St. Patrick Day themed.There is also a Premium Pass, which includes even more rewards. […]

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