Do you love pets? Do you have one or many of them? In rearing any pets in the house, the top priority you should have is their safety, good condition and convenience. What can be more disturbing than ticks and fleas that keep on bothering your pets, if left unattended? The market is flooded with flea collars that keep fleas and ticks away from cats, dogs, and other pets. The collars are available in various sizes and patterns.

How Do The Flea Collars Work?

Being a ‘pawrent’ is not easy. When you decide to adopt a quadruped, you intend to devote your time, energy, love, care and affection for these innocent little creatures. One of the ways by which you can help them stay well is by making them wear a flea collar. There are following types of a flea collar available:

  • Repelling: This is the type that emits a pest repelling gas. In this type, the insect must bite the dog for the insecticide to start working i.e. killing them.
  • Treating: These types of collars have medications that are capable of percolating down to the fat layer on the skin of the dogs. They also have ingredients that spread using the natural skin oils of the dog. These collars emit very active ingredients that kill when the ticks and the fleas come in contact, even before they start biting.
  • Ultrasonic: These are the latest varieties that are chemical-free and use high-frequency waves of sound to keep insects away.

Common Ingredients Used In the Collars

  1. Deltamethrin: This is considered one of the safest insecticides. It is a synthetic Pyrethroid, that is nothing but a synthetic derivative of a natural pesticide known as Pyrethroid. It is found in the extract of chrysanthemum flowers.
  2. Amitraz: An effective anti-parasitic drug, this is also an active ingredient in the collars.
  3. Propoxur: This ingredient is responsible for causing a nervous system of the ticks and fleas to break down.
  4. Pyriproxifen: This active ingredient targets the eggs and the larvae of the fleas. It effectively sterilizes the pests and thus restricting their further development.

How Do You Choose The Best Flea Collar?

Having a pet calls for the usage of the best products for them. The advantage of using the best flea collar is that it is more efficient in removing fleas and ticks from the body of the pet. The pet will remain secured and no insect will dwell on his body. Essentially, a good flea collar should have the following characteristics:

  • They should be safe for pets.
  • The flea collars should fit the pets properly. They should be tight enough to fit and also not too snug to choke the poor thing.
  • Often the material of the flea collars also plays an important role in being chosen. Most of them are made of plastic but there are fabric and leather versions as well. They are more comfortable as they are not rigid.
  • The price of the collars should also be considered.
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