The Devastating effect of using cracked Adobe software – Don’t Be A Victim

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Everyone has used a cracked application or software at some point. Whether we took it from a friend or we downloaded it ourselves, we have used Windows OS, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, our most beloved anti-virus, from torrent sites. Downloading an anti-virus from a broken version has always been, for me, very paradoxical as I grew up. Because humour me, why did I think it was smart to get anti-virus software that is supposed to protect me from malware and viruses from sites that is a virus breeding ground? It is almost like going to buy an authentic Louis Vuitton bag from Circle. It doesn’t add up.

Let me share with you how I moved from downloading single apps to getting the Adobe Creative Cloud which covers access to Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom and Photoshop, ColdFusion, Dreamweaver, Edge Animate,  Edge Web Fonts, Edge Reflow, Edge Code, Edge Inspect, Muse, After Effects, Audition, Premier Pro, Express, Story Plus, as well as Acrobat (PDF viewer, creator, and editor) and a whole lot more from JB a certified reseller in Accra.

The turning points in my ‘if I can get it for free I am not buying’ lifestyle happened on a sober October day in 2013. It was the day before the deadline for my master’s application; I had postponed the final creative design piece to add to my application because I was demotivated (that is what I am going with, not laziness). I decided to use the ‘trusty’ InDesign software from my favourite hacked site as I had done for months; after spending four hours designing and perfecting my design, my laptop crashed.

I figured it was just the RAM needing a break, but I wasn’t too bothered; I had been saving my work as I went along. surely, I would get the work when I turn my laptop on. Words can’t describe what the next fifteen minutes felt like as I struggled to get my laptop to turn on; I legit saw my life flash before my eyes, and there was nothing I could do about it. I spent another thirty minutes struggling with the blue screen of death before I gave up and took it to a repairer friend of mine.

He told me my brand new Lenovo laptop was done for; I had had that laptop for only three months. It was a graduation gift from my family, and now the laptop was malfunctioning and making matters worse, I had a deadline to meet with my final design on this same laptop!

Luckily, the repairer was joking; I spent the next two hours with my heart in mouth while he recovered my file and gave me his laptop to submit my application. I managed to submit the design just in the nick of time.

After my near-death experience, the repairer gave me my laptop back working like new and told me I had caught malware from one of the numerous ‘broken software’ I had downloaded and that almost cost me my opportunity to further my education at my dream university. He gave me the contact to JB to call and purchase authorized Adobe Creative Cloud access.

As someone from the other side of the coin, I understand our first choice isn’t to pay for any software but to have my laptop free of viruses, malware and enjoy updates and new versions of my trusted InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator and others is something I can never compromise. The Adobe Creative Cloud access does not only give you untethered access to your favourite software; you get free updates and new releases, giving you the best option whenever it is launched, desktop applications that can be used on either Mac OS or Windows systems, hundreds of desktop and web fonts for free, 100GB cloud storage, Adobe Express to design webpages, videos and artworks anywhere as well as Adobe Portfolio to create professional portfolio websites. Adobe releases contactless menu guide and free templates for small businesses.

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You may be a freelancer and need the flexibility of working on client projects in odd locations, and the Adobe Creative Cloud offers you that peace of mind. With access to mobile versions of all the apps and the cloud system to store your works, You can easily access your project and complete it on the go in the Uber or at the coffee shop when you can’t easily access your laptop.

Learn from my mistakes, contact JKlutse Ventures at 024572185 or 0245721815 for your original Adobe Creative Cloud software. It’s 2021; don’t jeopardize your side hustle, information security or peace of mind by getting ‘broken’ software.

Please note that JBKlutse Ventures is a Certified Adobe Reseller in Ghana.


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