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Business card

Wholesale Business Cards play a significant role in establishing one’s business. It is very important for people who have established or who is thinking of establishing a business to have a business card. As per the Oxford dictionary, the wholesale business card is defined as a “small card printed with one’s name, occupation, contact information, etc.” Your card is the first impression you have on any person. As it gives a brief idea of one’s occupation, work ethics, and various other aspects. We can say it is the gateway of one’s business. These cards add a personal touch to one’s business and give the effect of authenticity to consumers.

Factors to consider when going for a wholesale business card-

The business card is not only one’s first impression it is also your last. As after giving one’s card people move on to the next person. Hence, it is quite important to consider various factors in designing one’s card. Some of them are as follows-

  • Competency- To make your card stand out from the rest of the people one should focus on competency. Competency so to explain is it should look professional without any unnecessary information. The card should just have the company’s logo along with name and contact info and one or two words regarding the occupation. It should exude the aura of “all business”. The design should be competent with the type of occupation one has.
  • Vocation- The main factor which is to be considered is one’s occupation. The design should be in direct relation to one’s occupation. Very often it happened that the vocation of people does not tally with the logo designed on the card. This could prove to be the biggest drawback and despite having a positive it can have a negative one.
  • Clarity- One should also have clarity in one’s card as the design of it should indicate about the business. On should make sure that the pictures or the message that is on display should have a positive impact and is favorable to one’s business.
  • Consistent- In any business to survive, it is very important for businessmen /women to be consistent in their quality of work. People or consumers prefer quality over quantity. To have a solid brand image, it is important to have a strong print material rather than just handing out the piece of paper which is not coordinated or not consistent. They are quite critical to organizations and are often considered as the identity of the brand.

These factors play a very important role in creating an impact in the minds of potential clients. The above-mentioned factors are the secondary ones as they will be looked at by the people later. The three most important or we can say the primary factors in making an impression in the minds of the people are –

  • Representation- Representation is one of the most important factors. Your eyes are the first to judge i.e., if it is appealable to eyes half of the work is done. The content in the card comes secondary. First and foremost is the presentation on the card. One should keep in mind that the card is a small piece of paper. Hence it is advisable to not crowd it and not use small fonts. One should try to keep it minimal. It should not be too fancy or too simple. One should know the balance between the two. To represent one should also focus on the kind of audience, they are targeting.
  • Paper Quality- The cards can have a different impact on consumers just based on their quality. They can look very different when they are printed on bad-quality paper. Poor quality paper can also degenerate the reach of people. They can hamper your business as they are easily damaged whereas a good quality paper will be hard to damage and gives a better life span of the card. One should always go for the paper which has a good life span and is appealable to touch.

These two factors could be considered as the primary factors to enhance one’s impact on people. In current situations where the business is dominated by digital strategies of marketing, the small piece of paper is handy to give valuable knowledge crisply. This can easily change the course of a person’s opinion in the businesse’s favor.


The cards can encapsulate the eye of the beholder with the help of one’s design and quality. Due to their small size of 3.5”*2,” they can be produced at a low cost which would be far less the price of digital marketing. They also help in starting a conversation about one’s business which the current marketing strategies are finding hard. As they are available at your disposal because of their mobile nature they are instant conversation starters.



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