A day in the life of a smartphone user ends when their screen falls and/or breaks. In a season when our phones are everything, getting closer to fixing your broken phone screen and repairing it early is necessary.

Budget Screens GH – the mobile smartphone “screen fixer” has been in existence since 2018, and has assembled and fixed a good number of smartphone screens using modern technical abilities.

Budget Screens GH


For what started out as a desire to know what exactly is inside a phone, Ghunney, the brain behind Budget Screens GH, shared that it was the whole process of fixing a phone that made it more worrisome for him.

“You step inside a shop, hand over your expensive phone to a stranger, and he goes into an inner room. He returns hours later with your fixed phone, and you do not know whether he took a vital part out and replaced it with a fake one,”  he lamented.


This experience pushed him to start watching videos and experimenting until he became good at assembling what he took apart. From there, he started learning about the internal workings of the motherboard and connectors among other things.

“My first client was a childhood friend who did not know I was the one behind the company. We met at his office, I replaced the broken phone screen right on his desk within 30 minutes, and I’d say Budget Screens GH was fully born”, he added.

Why Budget Screens GH?

Budget Screens GH saves you time and trouble finding a good screen replacement and brings the service right to you.

The process of getting a phone fixed as well is not cumbersome.

Budget Screens GH
The Budget Screen Process


Finding trustworthy suppliers

The work is as good as the product used. There is no use fixing a screen that will end up glitching after 24 hours for no reason and no fault of the user.

Finding a supplier who is guaranteed to give the right replacements for the phone models, or be truthful about the nature of the market is hard. This initially was a tough challenge starting out, but with time, the few suppliers whose goods worked were those retained.

Customers not understanding smartphone hardware

One other challenge of Budget Screens has been the customers not understanding how a regular smartphone works especially after a fall.

“They don’t expect to hear that something else apart from the screen can get spoilt because of the fall. Most of them sometimes think once the screen is fixed, that should be it”, Ghunney mentioned.

Despite these challenges, the business still caters for all its clients’ needs.


It is worth noting that no phone has so far crossed the 3-hours mark set by an iPod 5. Once Budget Screens comes into the picture, they make sure the device is worked on and tested in record time so clients can get back to their routine.

Budget Screens GH

Way Forward

For Budget Screens GH, the future is “Screens and everything underneath”. The company hopes to add television screens and laptops to its work areas.

All these share the same inspiration as with the phone screens – “paranoia” that comes with repairing them and not being part of the process.

Also, the company wishes to record more videos of the screens being fixed to allow potential clients and anyone interested to see what their phones actually are, and what goes into it.

The future looks bright for this service since it works at the convenience of its customers, especially in the new normal when people may not have the time to walk to the shop.

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