In the world of smartphones, Apple is noted for its tendency to sacrifice function for form and in the process, making devices harder to repair. The last few years have seen Apple become a formidable adversary of the Right to Repair movement through actions it keeps taking to discourage the replacement of certain components like batteries and Touch ID sensors with non-genuine (or not endorsed by Apple) parts.

For its latest move, replacing your broken iPhone 13 display at your very competent local phone repairer’s shop would only result in your device losing the ability to use Face ID. Yes, with the iPhone 13, only Apple gets to replace certain damaged components, else be prepared to lose major privileges, aka features.

This became apparent in a video by YouTuber Phone Repair Guru, who noted that while certain components such as the ambient light sensor, the microphone,  and the proximity sensor were easy to replace, fixing a new screen ended up triggering the following message — “Unable to verify this phone has a genuine Apple display.”

You can watch the video.


What this means is that even if you or any other independent repair shop could technically replace your iPhone 13 display (13 mini, 13 Pro, or 13 Pro Max), the cost for undertaking that venture would be you losing Face ID functionality on your Apple device.

In theory, at least, as Phone Repair Guru explains, transplanting some chips over to the non-genuine display to maintain Face ID is possible. However, many independent repair shops won’t attempt that as it would require some sophisticated tools on top of the entire process being time-consuming.


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