The last 48hrs has been frustrating for some ECG Ghana customers who pay their prepaid meter credit using the ECG Power app. I happen to be part of this group.
The Issue
Customers who recharge their meter’s using the ECG Power app from December 27, 2020 ( as experienced by me), even though their network charged for the service, ECG could not send them the recharge token for them to credit their meters.
After several calls to the customer care centre, I got a heartbreaking notification on December 28, 2020, that indicated why I didn’t receive my token which was clearly due to a system error as shown below:
ecg power app error message
Initially, I thought it was one of those little technical issues that services providers face until after 24hrs I didn’t get any good feedback, and the customer care reps clearly didn’t know what was going on.
I had to spend GHS220 to fuel my generator to keep light at home during this period. It wasn’t funny at all.
Issue Fixed
However, the good news is that the issue has been resolved and customers can check the ECG Power app for notification(s) of recharge being successful as shown in the screenshot below:

ecg power app success message
Screenshot of my token

I hope you found my story useful. Thanks

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