Sometimes, it is wiser to break up with your partner than take a break from the relationship. Let’s show you why you should not take a break from your relationship:
1. A break might not solve your relationship issues: When you decide to go on a break, this does not mean everything will be fine instantly and you can reunite with him or her later. It is always best to try to make it work there and then or split if the problems are irreparable. Going on a break might just mean patching things up and having the same issues in the future.
2. You will be leaving the door open: According to PulseNG, during that break, both parties will actually be leaving the door open to others. And in such situations, cheating can happen to even worsen the matter on the ground.

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3. Doubts can set in: You will always have to question that relationship if you both decide to go on a break. You can expect questions such as “Are we doing what is right?” “Are we even meant to be with each other? “Will this relationship last?” ringing in your head constantly. When this starts happening, it might be best to end things immediately so you can both move on.
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