Bra Hacks Every Woman Should Know
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All women wear bras, young teenagers too, as it is an important part of a lady’s dressing. However, most girls keep getting confused as per how to make their bras last longer and keep their straps in place. We can help with these Bra hacks that will make you very comfortable:

1. Size: Are you aware that you can test the fit of your bra with your hands? Confirm if the whole fist fits inside the strap at the back. If it does, then it is too large. 2 fingers are just fine.
2. Silicone shoulder bra pads: Shoulder pain caused by bra straps has been experienced by ladies at one point or another, but there is an easy fix. Silicone shoulder bra pads.
3. Get rid of the Underwires: Bra underwires can irritate when they dig in or stick out. Fix that by using a panty liner and a pair of scissors plus a little piece that you can wrap around the protruding wire and presto.
4. Racerback bra: Imagine wishing to rock a racerback top but you do not have the right bra to wear under it? There is a solution, just use a paperclip. Use it to connect both straps at the back between the shoulder blades.
5. Too much cleavage: When you are comfortable with how much skin you are letting out in your chest area, there are simple fixes. You can sow a fashionable snap button into your dress or make use of a camisole insert to cover up.

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