Congratulations on purchasing your new windows PC. I am sure you are happy and want to use it straight away. But hey, don’t forget to do these very important things as you set it up.

Things you should do after buying a new windows PC

No matter how sophisticated your new machine is, you cannot go wrong by doing these first:

Check for new Windows Updates

Yes, your new windows pc is fresh but that does not mean your Operating System software is the latest. Microsoft keeps introducing new components to Windows as often as possible. So you cannot go wrong by checking for new updates and installing same.

Install/Update your Antimalware program

You don’t want your fresh machine to be infected with a malware, do you? That is why it is important to install/update your antimalware program.

Most modern pc’s come with built-in antimalware programs. Windows 10 comes with Microsoft’s own tool built-in so most PCs are ready to go. So in most cases, all you have to do is update it. After setting it up, head to the scanner’s settings and update the “definitions”.

However, in the most unlikely situation that your new windows pc didn’t come with an antimalware program, just install one.

Remove programs you don’t want

Don’t be deceived. Not all the programs that come with your fresh windows pc are what you need.

You don’t want unnecessary programs running in the background of your machine and causing it to affect the speed of your new baby.

You can either remove them by going to your control panel or using any of these  Free Uninstaller Software Tools.

So there you have it! If you have a new windows PC, here are the basic things you should take into consideration.

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