You have seen that nice item online (It could be a book or a gadget that is hard to find on the Ghanaian market). Yet, the online store you want to buy it on doesn’t deliver to Ghana. Maybe, you have an uncle or a sibling abroad but that person is not coming back anytime soon. Don’t worry. PackageToMe has got you!

About PackageToMe

PackageToMe helps to connect travelers with individuals who yearn to have an item on an online store, bought and delivered to them.

A lot of Ghanaians come to Ghana each day; this is an opportunity for you to get that item delivered to you.

How PackageToMe works

1. Discuss delivery

As a traveller: Engage in a conversation with the requester to discuss delivery cost, date of delivery and place of meeting upon arrival in Ghana.

You should be ready to buy requested item yourself, and come for the money from the requestor in person upon arrival in Ghana and exchange of the item.

As a requester: Be ready to pay the already discussed delivery charge plus the cost of the requested product in full when the traveller arrives.

Do not request for an item or product if and or when you do not have the funds to pay for the item in full.

2. Request Fulfilment 

Meet traveller and claim your package at an agreed location, such as at the airport or a coffee shop. Everybody wins!

As a Traveler, earn extra cash on your way home by picking up packages and delivering to people along your travel.

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