Happy hours with your health: 6 things you should start now

Your health is so important, but perhaps, you haven’t been appreciating it quite enough? We are all a little guilty of this, at least, we are until health starts to go wrong. It’s only when you feel a little tired or get grumbling aches and pains that you realize you may have overdone it or have not fueled your body in the right way. You may be stressed and working too hard. Perhaps you are too busy to work out or, hate spending time in the kitchen? Sound familiar? If so, you are not alone.

Life today can be overwhelming but if you really struggle to invest in yourself, here are 6 great ways to boost health and to be happy about it.

1. Exercise in the morning

The prospect of getting up early in the morning to exercise may fill you with dread rather than enthusiasm, but how about finding fun ways to exercise instead? You don’t have to go to the gym to do a workout. Go for a walk or cycle ride. Go for an early bird swim. If you prefer to exercise at home, there are ways to do this. Exercising in the morning is highly beneficial. It just needs you to develop a routine and soon, you’ll be enjoying your chosen pursuits. I found that I had more energy and my mind was clearer but there are numerous additional benefits including lower blood pressure, greater resistance to stress and an improved mood as all those endorphins, serotonin and dopamine’s reduce stress and make you feel great. Exercise also enhances your ability to sleep well.

2. Spiritual meditation after a bath.

Meditation helps you to destress, increases mental clarity, awareness and invites in deep relaxation. Have a spiritual meditation after a bath. You could add a few drops of pure essential oil to the water and this will enhance the sensory aspect of the meditation too. It is calming, relaxing and will fill you with peace and inner wellbeing. In fact, it’s the perfect contrast to a stressful day. A spiritual meditation gives you time to develop positive thoughts and to offset negativity. Deep breathing techniques can instill a sense of calmness and it’s easy to relax while in water.

3. Have a healthy breakfast

Are you too busy to eat breakfast? Again, this is not unusual. So many people miss out on the healthiest meal of the day, but a healthy breakfast gives your metabolism a real boost which aids the calorie-burning process. It also increases energy generally. There has been much research into why eating breakfast is good and this includes greater concentration levels, improved memory and a reduced risk of diseases such as diabetes or heart disease.

4. Work don’t think

There are times when we spend too much time thinking or worrying and this is detrimental to health and wellbeing. Relaxation times are much needed but watch those thoughts. We have around 60.000 thoughts a day, just imagine if those thoughts are negative in nature. Once niggling doubts manifest in the mind, they are hard to shake. It is far better to distract yourself through some sort of work. Keep the mind and body busy but, it doesn’t have to be work, it could be an enjoyable pursuit, a new hobby or helping other people who need it. Whatever you do, it will help keep the mind in check.

5. Believe in yourself

Life isn’t always easy. Niggling self-doubts can easily occur when things start to go wrong, and you play the ‘what if’ game second-guessing yourself. At this time, you may find that your sense of self-belief and self-work begin to wane. Find time to invest in yourself and give yourself a little nurturing time. You may find that you put yourself under a great deal of pressure or that life hasn’t always gone to plan. Make a new plan of action, consider what you need. You are in control of your own future and that starts today.

6. Keep yourself healthy

Health means mind and body but includes emotional wellbeing too. You must never be too busy to look after yourself. It isn’t about throwing yourself wholeheartedly into every healthy option that comes your way, it is about taking a balanced approach. Eat healthily, drink plenty of water, learn to identify the vitamins and minerals in your food and exercise little and often. Importantly, learn to offset stress with meditation or relaxation techniques. Health and happiness will be different for all so you must learn what works for you and then stick to it. Start today.


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