A novice’s guide to save big on banquet halls in Bangalore.

Banquet halls in Bangalore can be a rip-off, especially when you are clueless of all the wheres and hows. Unless you have a sibling or two or even first cousins of your age in the family it’s pretty obvious that you will be new to the entire wedding business. And hence, here is all you need to know on how you can save big while booking a banquet hall in Bangalore

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The earlier you book, the better deal you get

Most weddings happen during certain seasons in India. The cost is always lower during the onset and end of these seasons. The difference is significant enough to show in numbers so planning well is your first step to save. 

Briefly outline the number of events and guests for these events

Once you are through with this you can decide on what functions you can host at home and what events will need a banquet hall. Being precisely sure on numbers leads to better negotiations and therefore a great deal.

Stick to one venue for both wedding and reception

Drop the idea of choosing different venues for wedding and reception rather than play around with decorations to make the place look different. This will not only ease the organizing process but also help you get great discounts on initial negotiation itself.

Spend less on location

Location matters the most when it comes to saving. Choosing a less famous friendly neighborhood location over a glamour enchantment will save a notably huge amount. 

Choose a convenient location

Also, choose a location that is convenient in terms of stay and travel for your guests. If this is not considered, you’ll end up saving in one place just to see that you are losing it elsewhere. So do that initial bit of research

Make a list

Do not hesitate to ask about all the things that can be saved on. Make a list of all the items you can save on and know the amount each item cost. Having those numbers will help you prioritize well on things you are willing to budget on as well as the things you don’t want to compromise on.

Avoid getting married on weekends

Your friends with corporate jobs will certainly be unhappy with this choice. But, willingly choose to avoid getting married on weekends if you are looking for some big savings on the banquet hall. 

Make smart serving choices

Planning the platter well will definitely lead to good savings. Per plate number might look significantly small but when it’s multiplied by hundreds or thousands the number will turn out considerably huge. 

Choose decorations that look pretty

Choose decorations that look pretty but be sure it’s not at the cost of your kidney. Not kidding, this might look small but definitely the one that steals the most at any wedding.

Consider a temple or church venue

Temples and churches are some of the best budget locations to get married. If a minimalist in you is wanting a simple wedding, these are the venues to consider without losing on traditionality and an old school charm element. 

Final words

Be it the dates, the banquet halls, the number of guests, the decorations or even the minutest thing at the wedding, you can have full control over the expenditure only when you have ample information and time in hand. We are doing our best with the information part so that you can save big and still have the most memorable time of your life. 

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