If you own or run a small business in Ghana, you would know that having access to funds is like walking in the desert and expecting to find water. Your business will, in no time, be thrown into the dark where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. Banks are seldom willing to give out loans to you because of the high risk associated with your business, and for those in the informal sector like petty traders and market women, they are largely unbanked. That is why Bloom Impact was created.

Bloom Impact is a digital marketplace that provides small business owners with a repertoire of options that gives them access to funds.

Bloom Impact was formed in April 2017 by Carol Caruso and David Hutchful. It seeks to empower SMEs to develop and deliver jobs by facilitating access to finance and affordability.

In addition to having access to a wide range of banking products, you can also learn how to qualify and the goods terms and conditions, as well as obtain other tips and guidance along the way. In addition, you will learn about and have access to your credit history, helping you to understand the feasibility of loans.

Here’s how to use Bloom Impact to grow your small scale business

  1. Download the Bloom Impact app on PlayStore
  2. Set up your digital profile

3. Set your 4 digit pin

4. From the list (Loan, Savings Account, Current Account and Credit Report), select what you need.

5. Follow the prompts

Technology makes life easier. It’s about time we embraced and explored the various opportunities our mobile devices make available to us. Bloom Impact is an easy way to stay financially literate as a business owner, gain access to funds and secure your funds as well.

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