It can get very annoying when a lot of the emails you receive are junk, spam, or just unimportant. Not to worry, we can show you how to take control of your inbox by preventing those emails.
If you are aware of the email address you wish to get rid of, you can block it. As soon as it is blocked, all emails coming from the sender will be sent straight to the Spam folder. See how to block spam in Gmail below.

How can I block spam in Gmail?

  1. Log into your Gmail account
  2. Access an email sent by the address you wish to block.
  3. Tap on the 3-dot “More” button on the top-right corner of the email.
  4. Choose Block [name or email address].

block spam Gmail
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How can I unsubscribe from mass emails?

  1. Log into your Gmail account
  2. Access the mass email.
  3. “Unsubscribe” will be visibly close to the sender’s name. It might also be named “Change Preferences.”
  4. Choose either and adhere to the prompts.

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