• When God goes with you, gates are lifted. Therefore, any job that is not available to man with connection, will be given to you by the favour of God!
  • Every form of spiritual blindness that won’t let you see what God has in store for you is cursed in the name of Jesus!
  • No matter how small that enterprise is, it shall be great in Jesus’ name!
  • For everyone seeking paid employment, you will receive your miracle job this week in Jesus’ name!
  • I see the favour of God distinguishing your business and career in Jesus’ name!
  • Many, who are seeking for employment today, will be employers of labour before the end of this year in Jesus’ name!
  • No supplier, contractor, consultant or trader will lack patronage again in Jesus’ name
  • Many will be turned to breadwinners of nations!
  • This week, anywhere you turn, the door will be open to you!
  • Every unsold goods in your store will move out this week!
  • You will not enter the month of March jobless in the mighty name of Jesus!
  • Know this: You serve a covenant-keeping God; therefore, He will bring to pass everything that concerns you.

#MyCaseisDifferent #MCID Bishop David Oyedepo

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