BIMA Doctor wins the utmost award at GMSA Mobile Awards

BIMA Doctor wins the utmost award at GMSA Mobile Awards. BIMA Doctor wins the utmost award at GMSA Mobile Awards. BIMA took the “Best Mobile Innovation for Health & Biotech” award at the event.

BIMA Doctor, one of the leading mobile-based insurance and healthcare providers, has been given the ultimate award at the GSMA Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO Awards). BIMA took the “Best Mobile Innovation for Health & Biotech” award at the event.

The GSMA Global Mobile Awards seeks to celebrate and commend the best evolving innovations in the mobile industry.

BIMA Doctor is a Ghanaian mobile health service which was launched in 2015. The app was launched by the BIMA insurance company itself in Ghana. The aim of the BIMA Doctor app is to deal with the scarcity of traditional healthcare resources, especially in developing nations.

BIMA provides its subscribers with unlimited access to medical consultation. The service also provides health programmes for its subscribers through their mobile phones. To make all the processes simple, BIMA Doctor’s subscribers simply pay for the service via mobile money.

BIMA Doctor has grown significantly since it launched in Ghana in 2015. It has been launched in four other countries as well, and now has well over 2.2 million customers. Currently, the service is running in Paraguay, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Pakistan.

The Health and Customer Experience Manager of BIMA Ghana, Christina Tuemmers, commented on the recognition by GLOMO Awards. She promised that BIMA is focused on giving the best mobile healthcare service.

“For BIMA to be recognised as a leader in the mobile healthcare industry is incredibly motivating for us. At BIMA we’re focused on providing the best possible health service to people who need it most. In emerging markets, it is common to have to travel long distances and sacrifice long hours waiting in a clinic before seeing a doctor. For those who work in the informal sector, the hours lost negatively impacts their income. These factors often prevent people from seeking medical help when they need it.”

The Chief Medical Officer of BIMA Ghana, Dr. David Sunu, also added that BIMA has moved ahead to partner with hospitals where patients can be easily referred there, and enjoy discounts.

“Beyond providing preventive care and unlimited consultations through chat or calls, we have gone the extra mile by partnering with a network of laboratories and hospitals where customers are referred to when necessary and where they can enjoy discounts. In November 2018, we launched the BIMA Doctor App where digital customers can access and manage their medical records, locate the nearest health facility and talk to the BIMA Doctor medical team by phone or chat.”

BIMA’s next product

BIMA is preparing to soon launch another product in Ghana — a comprehensive health insurance product. This product will bundle its tele-doctor services with hospital and maternity insurance, affordably. This will give more value to customers. It will as well offer BIMA customers all-round protection against both financial and health risks.

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