In today’s data-driven economies, to gain a competitive edge and stay ahead, corporations and governments are turning to analytics to help them get valuable insights from raw data in order to back their decisions with facts. The good news is Big Data SmartSurveyApp Technology is the solution to their needs. Let’s introduce this technology to you.

Big Data SmartSurveyApp Technology, Data and Survey Analytics Solutions

Big Data SmartSurveyApp is a top-notch cloud-based Survey and Predictive Analytics Technology that offers companies (in any industry) end-to-end Big Data, Survey Analytics and mobile marketing survey solutions that are meant to collect and analyze in real-time large volume of customers feedback, react to business matters in real-time and become data-driven organizations. Big Data SmartSurveyApp Technology is equipped with Machine Learning Engine and Artificial Intelligence to analyze and model in real-time large volume of survey data and/or customers feedback collected online and offline. This technology uses proven in-house advanced Big Data Analytics tools to mine and model customers feedback, understand current market trends, predict customers behavior and optimize businesses. More information can be found at

The issues at hand

Data analytics in these modern times can make or break your business or whatever undertaking you’re involved with. It offers insight and opportunities that previously weren’t available. However, it is quite challenging to keep pace with today’s phenomenal rate of data creation as a result of two things:

  • The lack of digital tools for collecting survey data and (or) customer feedback in large volumes.
  • The lack of digital tools for real-time analysis of collected survey data or customer feedback in order to extract hidden information which would help these companies make better business decisions, target the right clientele, optimize sales, react in real-time to business matters, and be able to make forecasts on future business outcomes.

Here’s where Big Data SmartSurveyApp Technology comes to the fore. With its robust analytics tools and Artificial Intelligence, it overcomes these 2 major challenges by offering end to end Big Data and hassle-free market research solutions to any company in any industry. All of which is done in real-time to influence or inform decision making.

What makes Big Data SmartSurveyApp Technology unique

While there are other survey technologies available on the market, what makes Big Data SmartSurveyApp  Technology stand out is that it is equipped with Machine Learning Engine, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data predictive analytics tools and mobile intelligence that allow its users to analyze their customers’ feedback in real-time to extract the most valuable information hidden in raw data (that they would not get elsewhere).

In addition, the app comes with more than 100 robust analytics tools to mine, model, visualize data, unveil hidden patterns in raw data (in real-time), segment market (be able to quantitatively identify who to sell to to drive growth), track customers behaviors over time and predict these behaviors and future business outcomes. You would not get such advanced analytics with any other survey technology on the market.

This is a major breakthrough in survey technology. Studying and understanding customers behavior over time with Big Data SmartSurveyApp Technology tremendously help optimize business, make business decisions backed by factual reports, get business intelligence and anticipate events.This technology made survey and market research studies better and hassle-free.

In a word, Big Data SmartSurveyApp Technology helps turn hidden patterns found in customers feedback and/or market research studies into real business applications. Most survey apps only focus on data collection and do poorly on the analytics parts.

The real-time analysis features and advanced analytics tools that help users unveil hidden patterns in their customers feedback, study their customer behaviors to be able to predict them using the built-in Machine Learning Engine and Artificial Intelligence features make Big Data SmartSurveyApp Technology very unique on the global market.

Company owners are better off by understanding their customers behaviors, preferences and needs in real-time and tracking market trends to be able to take smart business decisions, anticipate events and gain a competitive edge over others. They do no longer have to wait for weeks or months or years (in some cases) to get the results of their market research studies. With Big Data SmartSurveyApp Technology, results are obtained in real-time and business decisions can be made right away.

Big Data SmartSurveyApp, a disruptive and universal technology

Big Data SmartSurveyApp is a disruptive technology that is meant to provide companies (from individuals, small/mid-sized businesses, corporations to Fortune 500 companies) in any industry with survey analytics and hassle-free market research solutions they never thought would exist. Imagine how a business owner who is able to predict his customers purchasing behaviors and/or preferences as well as target the right clientele to grow his business simply by running surveys, would feel. Very Great, right? Not only would he feel very great, he would be excited that any of what he needs is happening in real-time (as soon as the data is available). These are the real solutions and values offered by Big Data SmartSurveyApp Technology.

In addition, Big Data SmartSurveyApp Technology is universal as it fits to any industry. Is there any industry where customers feedback and/or market research studies are not important to owners and/or shareholders? Let us know when you come across one. Customers’ feedback are vital and crucial to any business in any industry. Hence, Big Data SmartSurveyApp Technology’s customized solutions help companies leverage their customers feedback — to improve their services/products and increase their returns: an advanced way to run efficiently and differently surveys and market research studies.

Should you ever need to run market research studies or surveys for your company, do not hesitate to send an email to to get you started.


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