Both PDF and Word are very popular documentation formats. Using a file conversion software one can easily convert a PDF file to word format and vice-versa. I have used a number of online and offline file conversion tools for this purpose over time.

These days there are a number of PDF editor programs available which have an inbuilt PDF file conversion module. This kind of module enables you to convert PDF to popular document/image formats and vice-versa.

We’ve put together some of the most efficient methods to do so below, so the next time you need to convert a PDF in Windows, you can convert it to a Word document in mere minutes.

Convert From PDF to Word With SwifDoo PDF

There is one such popular PDF editor is SwifDoo PDF—convert a PDF to DOCX, a format that Microsoft Word and other text editors can work with, your computer can do this conversion very easily.

SwifDoo PDF can be used to convert PDF to word file easily. You only need to upload your file and then download the converted one. It can help you convert the PDF file to editable word format and retain the file original.

So, let us learn how to convert PDF to word using SwifDoo PDF in the following steps.

Step 1: Download, install and launch SwifDoo PDF on your Windows PC.

Best ways to convert PDF to Word in Windows 10 Pin

Step 2: After that click to open the “PDF to Word” tool which will launch the SwifDoo Converter.


Best ways to convert PDF to Word in Windows 10 Pin

Step3: Once the PDF to Word converter tool is open, the next step will be to select and upload the PDF file to be converted.

Best ways to convert PDF to Word in Windows 10 Pin

Step 4: After locating the final output file at the set output storage location, you can click the Start Button.

Final thoughts

So that is how you can quickly and easily convert your PDF to Word documents from within Microsoft Word.

Since you now know how to convert a PDF to a Word document, you’ll be able to easily share Word documents without disturbing the formatting as well as being able to view and edit your document easily. For more options that you can consider, visit Fastest Free PDF Converter for Windows.

Basically, this program is for editing, converting, reading, creating and designing PDFs, if you want a full suite of functionality you’re probably going to have to pay for it.

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