Even if some people prefer to eat the most delicious meals to break a fast, it is not so healthy. See Best types of food to break your fast with:
1. Drink water: During fasting, headaches, and dizziness are expected. The reason is that your blood sugar is decreasing and you are feeling dehydrated for lack of water.
2. Fresh fruits: Digestible fruits with high water content like grapes and watermelon are superb.
3. Soup: Vegetable soups, for example, will give your body Vitamins A through E and other important minerals.
4. Carbs time: Carbohydrates can come in now. Sweet potatoes, for instance, give your body the proper amount of energy and it will not increase your blood sugar levels.
5. Protein and vitamins: Eggs are a fast way to give your body the protein it deserves.

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