If you like challenging hunts but dislike big game hunting, then squirrel hunting would be a type of hunting suited for your desires. Squirrel hunting is a type of small game hunting popular in most countries and is one of the most challenging and difficult kinds of hunting.
The fast and unpredictable movements of a squirrel give a beginner, or even a seasoned hunter, a hard time hitting their target. Some countries legalize squirrel hunting, and there are species of squirrels that are allowed to hunt, such as the red squirrels in New York City. All you have to do is get a small game license from your State, and you can now enjoy the challenging sport first-hand.
As stated above, squirrel hunting is hard and challenging, but there are many ways to improve your squirrel hunting abilities, such as upgrading your hunting rifle. There are many weapon accessories available online that would improve your hunting rifle and enhance your performance while hunting squirrels.
Weapon accessories like scopes and muzzle breaks could change the way that you do your squirrel hunting. But even if you are a skilled shooter and own an enhanced hunting rifle, your squirrel hunting would still not be successful if you don’t know what time of the day is best for squirrel hunting. To give you a heads up, here is a suggestion on what time of the day is perfect for hunting some squirrels.
The best time of the day to hunt for squirrels depends on what season you are in. There are four different seasons of a year which are spring, summer, fall, and winter. Here is the best time of the day you should hunt squirrels during each season:

1. During summer season

Squirrels really enjoy sunny days, so the summer season would be perfect if you plan on hunting squirrels. Most days during the summer season are dry, which is an ideal landscape to hunt for squirrels because you can easily hear squirrels when they rustle the dried leaves through their movements.
The best time of the day to hunt squirrels during summer is early in the morning. This is because it is the time of the day where the sun starts to shine, and squirrels are in the mood to scavenge for food.

2. During spring season

Right after the winter season comes spring, and during this season, the best time of the day to hunt squirrels is typically from early in the morning up to the late afternoon. In this season, squirrels are longing to look for food right after experiencing a shortage of food because of winter.
Some squirrels also wake up from hibernating during the winter season and are probably eager to find food. You can use this as an opportunity to hunt some hungry squirrels who will search from early morning up to the late afternoon for some food.

3. During fall season

If spring comes after winter and squirrels are excited to look for food, fall is the most crucial season for squirrels because they desperately look for food to store and eat during the long winter season ahead of them. In those two months of fall, squirrels will look for food day and night.
This means that the best time of the day to hunt for squirrels during the fall season is during any time of the day, including nighttime. Fall is truly the best season for squirrel hunters because squirrels are active the whole day, and they seem to get every food that they can find, which makes traps more prosperous and makes their movement predictable.
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