React is one of and if not the most used front-end open-source JavaScript library today, and the most valuable part of it is that it can be used to build both Android and iOS mobile applications.

If you want to build a successful and influential app for these popular operating systems, you must hire a React JS developer. Since it is one of the most popular jobs today, you can find several developers, but that doesn’t mean that everyone has the wanted qualities.

Here you will see the most necessary skills you need to look for when hiring a React JS developer:


These two are the first skills that one should look for, and without their knowledge, there is no point in looking further. A React JS developer uses HTML and CSS to build user interfaces. Some of the qualities to look for are:

  • Knowledge of how to write semantic HTML tags
  • Understand flexbox
  • Understanding of box model and reset the border-box
  • Implement the reset in CSS
  • Know how to write CSS selectors
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JSX means JavaScript XML, and it is a syntax extension of JS. The React JS developer uses it to write HTML directly in React. So if a developer knows HTML/CSS, it means that the developer probably knows JSX, but when hiring someone, it is essential to check and be sure.

GIT & Redux

Git is a DevOps (development and operations) tool that is used for source code management. It is one of the most valuable elements in every developer’s toolkit.

The developer must know how to use DevOps like Github or GitLab to streamline management and software delivery. This also includes:

  • Merging and branching strategies.
  • Monitor changes with comments, add, push and pull.
  • Supervise merge conflicts.

Redux is an in-built state that gives the developer the ability to manage the React library and makes it a lot easier instead of dealing with the asynchronous features of the updates of React.

JavaScript Fundamentals & ES6

There are some basics to search for that are a must-have to see if someone is a potential for a good developer, and you can not hire a developer if someone doesn’t have the knowledge of JavaScript or without the skills of ES6.

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  • Arrays and Objects

React proposes the pattern which shows that our view is the purpose of our state, and the state is the information we want to manifest to the users. There can also be items in the memory that one can access in order to allow the user to interact with data. A React developer must know how to mutate the objects and values of properties on them.

  • Variables and Scoping

Variables are the mechanism that allows us to hold important information in the memory and access it whenever it is needed. This is a necessary skill for a developer because it means knowing when and where someone has access to data.

Rather than using the traditional ‘var’ keyword to declare an implicit type variable, now the developer can use the new ES6 that helps to store variables within the applications.

Node JS & NPM

Your React developer must know Node JS in order to be a customer-focused developer.

And also must know NPM because it is the place where the developer will get software that will help out to construct software.

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Desire to Learn Constantly

The last one is not a technical skill, but it is one of the most significant. This is a world where new things emerge all the time. Therefore, one should look for a React developer who desires to learn new tools and skills constantly. Your developer must be able to build up their talent and remain suitable for the job. Otherwise, one simply can not continue to work because this is not a job where your learned knowledge is one and for always.


Follow these must-have skills if you want to hire a React JS developer who knows what is doing. You have to bear in mind these qualities and search for them in every developer if you desire a developer ready to do the job.

So please don’t be shy about it, demand these skills always and find the best candidate!

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