Best reasons to pick Las Vegas in your next sports related travel

Best reasons to pick Las Vegas in your next sports related travel

Las Vegas, Nevada, can easily be considered one of the top entertainment travel destinations globally and with ample reason.

While other cities rely on keeping a steady image and reputation, Las Vegas is all about reinventing itself over and over again every few years to become yet again the “it” spot for tourists and travellers looking to have a plain old good time.

Given that sports betting is such a passionate affair in the area, with the top scores and odds makers being some of the most important players in the local sporting scene, why did it take so long for the “Entertainment Capital of the World” to get noticed by the pro sports world?

Something that always baffled travel experts is how a city so rich in entertainment culture never really took it upon itself to become a sports entertainment destination.

Well, nowadays, with teams like the Las Vegas Golden Knights in the NHL, the Aces in WNBA and the Raiders in the NFL, “Sin City” is ready to be known as the new location for sports enthusiasts from not only the US but around the world.

Since visiting Las Vegas is already something most people should do at least once in their lifetime, let us give you our best reasons to visit LV from a sports-related perspective as well.

Sports Action Plus Entertainment, Vegas Has It All

If there is one fan base in the NFL as loyal as they come, it’s the Raiders fan base. The former Oakland Raiders, now Las Vegas Raiders, is one of those teams that has been through it all in the NFL. From being one of the biggest dynasties in the game to being at the bottom of the league, their fans have always been there for them.

So, if simple math is done, what would you get when you join a team that you know has been looking for a lucky break in life and a city yearning to have their own professional NFL franchise and who have been more than ready to get their day in the pro football sun finally? You get the Las Vegas Raiders. 

Yes, one could argue that all other Vegas pro teams deserve as much credit and hype as the Raiders. Still, we have to be real at the end of the day; there is no professional sporting league as popular and profitable in the US as the NFL.

When you mix a franchise with a history as rich as the Raiders and a city with as much potential as Las Vegas, you know that it’s a match made in heaven. Just look at Allegiant Stadium, the home of the Raiders. 

The world-class sporting stadium is what everyone thinks about what a football team in Vegas should have as a home. With luxury spelt all over every single one of its details and top of the line service and commodity options for fans, this place screams out the Vegas lifestyle.

Add to that all of the premier hotels that Las Vegas has, with rooming options as humble or as over the top as anyone can imagine and entertainment options for every single taste, and you can easily understand why sports and entertainment are a match made in heaven in Las Vegas.


Dining Options Galore

One would think that since Las Vegas is basically a city stuck in the middle of the desert, finding good options for food would be hard, but come on, it’s Vegas we’re talking about, of course, you’re going to get all of the best food options in the world smacking you right in the face.

For sporting fans, food and drinks are just as important as the sports action they’re watching. While some people go for regular snacks and other more laid back options, others like to go all out, and Vegas has options to cater for absolutely all palates.

Being that Las Vegas has been a haven for sports fans, especially those that are into betting, as well as it is a paradise for people who are just generally looking to have a good time, “Sin City” has made it a point to make sure every single visitor is well fed and drank and is made feel like they can have the world at their feet.

If you’re a fancy or adventurous eater or maybe a thrill-seeking foodie, some of the best chefs in the world all have restaurants in some of Vegas’ most important hotels.

For example, you made a killing playing in the casinos, and you want to treat yourself to one of those over the top, once in a lifetime dining experiences, well don’t worry, Las Vegas has plenty of that to offer.

On the other hand, if you want to lay cool for a while and experience what local Vegas life off the strip is like, go where the locals go and see why Vegas has options for absolutely everyone that visits; believe me, you will not leave with an empty stomach.

It’s A Sports Betting Paradise

Last but certainly not least, probably the most important reason for sports tourists to want to go to Las Vegas, their ever-growing sports betting scene. Sports betting has been legal in Las Vegas since pro sports started to become mainstays in American culture, and it’s one of the main reasons many sports lovers visit Nevada.

With some of the best sportsbooks and sports betting venues all based in Vegas, sports wagering enthusiasts are treated to the best experience they could think of when thinking about putting some money down on their favourite sports teams and events.

If you want to up your odds in Vegas and you’re thinking of gambling on the Raiders, consult Doc’s NFL tips to get a better idea of how to maximize your odds.

Sports betting is all about luck at the end of the day, and everyone knows that, but who doesn’t want to have that one story about the time luck smiled upon them in Las Vegas? Think about it and get to planning a trip to Vegas.

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