Myopia or nearsightedness is a condition that an individual develops by spending too much time looking at mobile or computer screens. While your eyeballs spend time looking at screens, they fail to adjust their vision to onlook the nearby objects. Hence, nearsightedness is bound to rise, especially in children. Kids of today’s generation have to do a lot of screen facing via smartphones and their MacBooks.
It’s because everything is going digital. From brain exercises to full-time education, everything is online today. As a parent, if you worry about cutting your child’s phone usage while still catching them up on all those brain development exercises, you are on the correct page. We have compiled the five best puzzle games that will help your kids get smarter off-screen. So relax and go through these exciting games one by one.

1. Enhanced Linguistic Games

Sharpening vocabulary is a vital part of brain sharpening. There are lots of puzzle games that aim at polishing the linguistic skills of your children. To start with, crossword puzzles should be on the top of your list of verbal fluency games. It’s a game that comes in a grid of black & white squares. The player has to fill the white squares with letters using the hints given below the grid; when combined, make a meaningful word. The game gives your child a new crossword puzzle online daily to keep the process of brain development well-versed.
Best puzzle games
Like a crossword puzzle, Word Scrabble is also a great puzzle game to add new words to vocab or remind the old ones. Players have to build up words in an upward direction using the letter tiles on a gameboard. This game boosts the brain to think for new words that get stretched out of the letter blocks. Besides crossword puzzles and word scrabble, Hink Pink, Human Thesaurus, Verbal Venn, and rapid Fire Words are a few enhanced linguistic games you can make your kids play and get smarter.

2. Sudoku

Sudoku is one of the most challenging brain games. This number game is a logic-based puzzle helpful for kids to get hands-on mathematical skills quickly. Like a crossword puzzle, Sudoku is also a grid-patterned game. But the difference is Sudoku comes in a 9*9 grid in white color. The game is subdivided into nine subgrids with a few numbers from 1 to 9 in black color.
Best puzzle games
The player has to fill these number gaps so that all the nine subgrids have all the numbers from one to nine. Plus, there should be no repetition of the same numbers in each row, each column, and every 3*3 subgrids. The game is a real challenger to your kid because they have to think a lot. It will boost brain cognition, develop logic, help them plan, and elevate memory power.

3. Pen & Pencil Games

There is no doubt that online games and applications have replaced pen and pencil games to a greater extent. However, these games are evergreen effective when it comes to brain development. Do you remember the ‘Count The Shapes’ game? Well, make your child play the game but not on the phone. Draw a design on paper and give it to them. Then ask them to find how many total triangles or squares are in there.
Best puzzle games
You can also play ‘Apple Tree’ (The old – Hangman) with them. Decide a word, draw dashes on a paper, and ask your child to guess the letter. If s/he guesses the letter right, fill in the blank. If not, well s/he loses one apple! Also, you can play other pen and pencil games like Tic-tac-toe, Dots & Boxes, Pictionary, Bulls & Cows, and Name, Place, Animal, Thing for having some fun while learning.

4. World Map Puzzles

If your kiddo is a little above six years, puzzles like solving ‘World Map’ can be an exciting endeavor for him/her. Start with making them learn about the native country. Gradually, with the help of a world map, you can make your kids aware of different countries in the world. You never know; only a simple-looking world map puzzle can make the geography subject very easy for your kid. Later on, you can even discuss the locations, altitude, and temperature of these countries using the puzzle and gain additional general knowledge.
Best puzzle games

5. Physical Brain Exercises

We all know how a Rubik’s cube has remained an all-time favorite brain booster for ages. But if you want something interesting for your kid, then just a colorful cube, you can invent one by yourself! They help your kid levitate problem-solving skills. You can engage your toddler or infant in the T puzzle game. Just cut pieces artfully by watching some videos, give it to your kid to make a ‘T’ out of it, and your job’s done! Try these tiny but talented physical brain puzzles and see your kids grow smarter soon.


Because of these pandemic times, when everything from education to empowerment is changing to online, and your child is finding it challenging to adopt, you must keep them engaged productively. These five simple puzzle games can make your 6 to 10 years old kid believe that they can learn even while having fun. Plus, you get to play with them, too! Try playing these games with your children at home and let learnings flow in their veins during childhood itself.
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