The realities of the modern gaming industry are such that every player can find a genre that they like and prefer. In every genre, there is at least one ‘immortal classic’ game. It is a game to which a person will want to return even after several playthroughs and complete world exploration.
The virtual worlds offer us things that we sorely lacking in real life. Be it the feel of danger, power, or the need to play the role of someone else. For example, games with a medieval setting offer an opportunity to imagine oneself as a feudal lord, king, or mercenary who needs to lead their country to prosperity. Sometimes such games are based on real historical events. In this case, the process of studying the human chronicle through the virtual world becomes much more interesting for history enthusiasts. For example, one of such games – Kingdom Come: Deliverance – is used in Czech universities to study a certain historical period.
Giving the player the freedom to wander the virtual lands without constraints is a sure way to improve their experience. Linear games have their advantages. But an open-world model creates freedom of action and the possibility of research. Which in most cases is way more appealing.
Today we have compiled a list of the best medieval games with an open world for passionate fans of the genre and setting. Spoiler alert: familiar games like TES IV: Oblivion and Mount and Blade will only be mentioned in this paragraph. In a post of the best medieval games to play now from Insider.Games, one can check out these and thirteen other classic open-world games. Our selection has collected the games that you may be hearing about for the first time.

The Chosen: Well of Souls

This game from Rebelmind comes from the distant 2006. It sports old-school graphics, minimal system requirements, but also an impressive range of in-game possibilities for a game industry product of that time.
The plot is fairly straightforward. The world suffers from an invasion of demons because of a black magician who discovered the secret of the philosopher’s stone. A warrior, a magician, and an archer are going to save their world from destruction. But for this, you will first need to cleanse the twilight corners of the Old World from filth. Your heroes will fight together with fellow believers, using a lot of weapons and even calling on a tamed demon for help.
The open world of the Chosen: Well of Souls allows you to visit a myriad of different locations. For example, walk through the swamps of Southern Europe and the hot sands of Ethiopia.

Pirates of Black Cove

This game deserves to be mentioned in the context of the best historical games of all time. Events unfold in the 16th century, known in history as the Golden Age of Piracy. The player begins as a down-on-gis-luck scoundrel, who has to eventually seize power over all the islands of the Caribbean.
In addition to the open world and medieval setting, Pirates of Black Cove, developed by Nitro Games, is a real-time strategy game. You will have to really work to advance your reputation in the game’s world. In addition, historical figures like Henry Morgan, Calico Jack, and Blackbeard will do their best to stop you from rising to power.


The best medieval games are games that focus on strategy and RPG elements. But Blackpowder Games brought something new to the beloved setting. In 2014 they released Betrayer.
The plot of the game starts off in 1604 when the player’s ship is wrecked off the coast of Virginia. The world the character finds themself in is full of mysteries. And … wait. What is this strange girl in a red cloak and why does she offer her help?
There is one little oversight that quite literally stands out. The colors in this game are way too bright, so we advise you to turn down the brightness of the screen to avoid discomfort.


Cossacks 3

In 2016, GSC Game World released Cossacks 3, a remake of the first part, but at the same time, a full-fledged continuation of the series. The game will delight with both a single-player campaign and a multiplayer game mode, in which you can invite up to six friends.
Cossacks 3 allows the player to complete five historical campaigns that focus on Austria, Ukraine, Russia, France, and England. Additionally, GSC Game World presented 7 DLC and 3 single scenarios. This game also supports custom modifications and is somewhat reminiscent of the good old Heroes of Might and Magic, but in a real historical setting.

Ghost of a Tale

The list of best medieval games would not be complete without a game in which you need to play a mouse. You read right. Ghost of a Tale, developed by SeithCG, is set in a medieval world where rats are the rule supreme.
You have to play as Tilo the mouse, who needs to get out from Dwindling Heights Keep and find his beloved Merra. She disappeared after she refused to sing to the rat baron.
Ghost of a Tale was created by a small team. They managed to create a huge game world with interesting lore and magnificent graphics reminiscent of medieval fairy tales.

The Black Death

When talking about medieval open-world games you can’t ignore The Black Death from Syrin Studios.
The plot unfolds in a period well known to everyone: at a time when the plague is raging in medieval Europe and it seems that there is no hope of salvation. The player will have to survive by any means in this difficult world, mastering professions, developing the necessary skills, and examining bodies infected with the plague.
Since 2016, The Black Death is still in early access status. However, the developers are regularly presenting updates and working on the full version. Up to 50 people can play simultaneously on one map which makes the process even more engaging.


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