Best online e-learning courses for female entrepreneurs

Best Online E-Learning Courses for Female Entrepreneurs

There are thousands of e-learning courses to choose from, so it can be challenging to make the right choice and pick the one that will truly help you achieve your goals. Having said that, if you’re looking for an online course designed for female entrepreneurs, you’ll find that it’s much easier to choose, as there aren’t so many such courses. Of course, there’s no reason not to enrol in any other course that’s not specifically aimed at women, because you can certainly learn a lot of useful stuff that can help you build a successful career. Nevertheless, we’ve created a short list of e-learning courses that are aimed at female entrepreneurs. Read on to check them out.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is an online course by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner designed to help women entrepreneurs learn all the basics of affiliate marketing and start building a six-figure blog. It’s a step-by-step guide for bloggers who want to make money through affiliate marketing and develop an effective strategy that will help them well into the future. The course provides all the nuts and bolts of affiliate marketing, enabling you to understand how to really apply all the knowledge you obtain and earn a great income. If you already own a business and run a blog, this e-learning course is perfect for you, especially if you already share your personal experiences of some products or services you love.

In one review of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, the author provides an insight into her affiliate income after taking the course for a year. During that time, her affiliate income has increased by 964%. She went from earning $157.47 to $1676, which is not a six-figure income but 10.6 times more than before taking the course. That’s still a huge success and definitely a great path to follow.

The Hashtag Files Society

The Hashtag Files Society at She Social is an online course designed to help creative female entrepreneurs grow on Instagram. It makes social media marketing on Instagram a truly fun and rewarding experience. It’s aimed at creative women who want to grow their following and connect with their ideal clients, increasing their sales and saving both time and money in the process. The course can help you quickly increase the engagement rate and connect with your Instagram followers, providing them with real value and quickly growing your business.

No more wasting time on finding the best hashtags to attract the right audience, as the monthly membership for The Hashtag Files Society gives you access to the Hashtag request portal. You also get monthly Instagram posting ideas, as well as exclusive access to new and custom feminine stock photos, which are completely free for every member.

The best part about this course? You get a one-on-one coaching session with Courtney, one of the creators of the course, who will help you improve lead generation and sales on Instagram. During a live call with Courtney, she’ll audit your Instagram profile, after which she’ll develop a personalized plan with actionable steps to help you achieve your goals.

This course stands out from all the others in that Courtney will actually meet you in person after the audit to talk about your goals and strategy and help you take the right path to success. She’ll share her growth hacks and sales secrets with you, and give you a roadmap to business growth.

Niche Master Class

Finding a specific niche can be difficult and, if you can’t nail it down, your clients won’t fully understand how exactly you’re going to help them, so they’ll move on to your competition. If you’re not specific, you’ll come off as someone who doesn’t really understand their clients and their pain points and has no idea how to provide them with real value, which will undoubtedly push them away. That’s when you need Niche Master Class by Angie Lee. It is a niche training course that helps health and life coaches find their specific niche and attract the right clients.

Angie Lee helps female course takers work out all the ins and outs so that they can instantly showcase to the right clients who they are and how they can serve them, drawing them in and earning the income the female entrepreneurs deserve.

e-Course Launch Formula

If you’re looking to start your own business where you’ll use your knowledge and expertise to create e-learning courses, then e-Course Launch Formula by Kathryn Hocking is the perfect choice for you. This online course is for coaches, consultants and service-based entrepreneurs who want to earn money from effective e-learning programs, irrespective of the industry.

You’ll learn how to harness the power of your chosen e-learning software to design, launch and deliver outstanding online courses and earn a reliable, leveraged income. Whatever online training software you choose, Kathryn can help you refine your course offering and design e-learning courses that will take your business to a different level.


Taking e-learning courses can be extremely rewarding, but you need to know how to pick those that will provide you with real value. You need to choose those that will help you truly achieve your goals. All the online courses we just discussed are affordable and can help you get your money’s worth before you even realize it. That’s what makes them absolutely worth checking out. You don’t have to enroll in each of them to start making a sizable income. Start with one and see where it takes you.

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