Windows 11 has been about for a while now, and there are lots of great new features. We spoke with TechQuarters, who are not only a provider of business IT support London organisations rely on, but are also a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner. They gave us a rundown of some of the best new features in Windows 11.

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Windows 11 builds on a lot of the great multitasking features that were developed over the years in Windows 10, as well as adding some cool new ones. One good example is the Snap feature that was originally introduced in Windows 7 – it has come a long way since then, and has been diversified into Snap Groups, which enable you to group windows from different apps together in the taskbar. The new Snap Layout feature also allows you to easily arrange windows into different sizes, so you are no longer limited to the basic left-right arrangement. TechQuarters said the multitasking features of Windows 11 were especially welcome among the customers of their London IT services.

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Another new feature included in Windows 11 is the new virtual desktop feature in the Task View. You can create and name virtual desktops, and open different apps in them, in order to create specific workspaces on your PC.


Another area that Windows 11 has improved upon its predecessor is it’s Focus assist features – it’s much more accessible now; you simply need to go to the taskbar to access the Focus options. There are 3 main settings: Off, Priority only, and Alarms only.


Another great feature is the ability to set rules that automate when and why different Focus settings are enabled. For instance, you can set up a rule that turns on the priority only focus assist between certain hours. Other focus rules including only allowing priority notifications when gaming.


TechQuarters, as providers of IT support for small business, take security very seriously. They discussed how Windows 11 has security built into it from the bottom up. Microsoft described the security baselines required for Windows 11. For example, there are certain hardware specifications that many modern laptops have which make them more secure. Windows 11 requires several of these types of system hardware requirements to be installed, and you will have to take a PC Health Check to assess whether your PC supports it, but this is all in order to make sure the overall security of your device is upheld.

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Windows 11 is also paving the way for mass adoption of Windows Hello – the biometric authentication system from Microsoft that enables you to login to without the use of a password.

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