How to choose the best laptop for graphic design work today

best laptop for graphic design

Many people buy the wrong laptop because of doing insufficient research and poor background checks. There’s more to consider than the design and popularity of a laptop. Not every electronics store will stock laptops that can do professional graphic design work.
In this article, we’ll look into the specific features that make a laptop perfect for graphic design work. An ideal pick should be portable, powerful, and have a brilliant screen. So, let us help you kit yourself with the best.
Here are the features to consider.

1. Random Access Memory (RAM)

It is important to mention that memory is the most vital aspect of a laptop if you’re an entire novice. The performance of your laptop will depend on its memory size. Graphic design work requires a lot of memory because it uses various applications that regular laptops can’t hold.
Most graphic design laptops have 4GB RAM upwards. Ideally, you can do graphics work with 4GB RAM, but you should aim for 8GB if you’re going professional. The more RAM you have, the better you can work and the quicker you can complete projects.

2. Screen Size and Resolution

Bigger is always better when it comes to laptop screens. You’ll have a difficult time going for a small screen as graphic designers are visual artists. Avoid screens below 15 inches, and you’ll be good to go. Bigger screens make it easy to spot errors and even work faster.
best laptop for graphic design
Besides, it would be best if you aimed to have a good resolution. Anything above 1280 x 800 for screen resolution will give you the results you desire. Low resolutions may not even display some graphic design programs correctly. You can go for higher resolutions if you can afford such laptops.

3. CPU

The CPU is the component that controls every function on your computer. Graphic design work uses complex software that runs on powerful software. It would help if you considered a CPU processor before buying a laptop. Most graphic design software requires at least 2ghz processing speeds to run.
The quad-core and extreme series are some proven options for graphic design work. A reasonable CPU for graphic design should have four or more cores. For instance, you should think about going for an Intel Core i5 or i7 to avoid lagging and other issues that could affect your productivity.

4. Storage Drive

You need sufficient storage for your projects, and there are two options to consider. You can go with HDD or SSD storage drives, depending on your preferences. If you’re new to storage drives, SSD is better than HDD in several aspects and will be a better pick for you.
You’ll realize that SSD storage drives are more durable. Graphic design work requires fast computer components, and you should invest in a faster drive. SSD is relatively faster than HDD and will make it easy to transfer files from your computer to an external device.


5. Graphics card

Graphic designers require laptops with components that can support graphic work efficiently. A graphics card is a vital feature for you to consider when looking for laptops for graphic designers. A laptop with a dedicated graphics card should be an ideal pick for you.
Laptops with integrated graphics cards tend to be slower than those with dedicated graphics. Applications will load faster, and images will display quicker if you have a dedicated graphics card. Those are some of the vital features to look for when investing in a graphics computer.

6. Portability

Most professional graphic designers don’t work from a specific office. Thus, it is best to go for a portable laptop and avoid big ones that will make moving difficult. The best thing is that laptops are becoming lighter these days, so you can easily find a portable laptop within your budget.
Portable machines make it easier to work from different locations. For instance, you can do your task in a café or on a train going for a vacation. However, you do not need a portable laptop if you’ll work from an office or home. You can go for a big laptop or even choose a desktop so long as it is powerful.

7. Color Accuracy

One of the most overlooked features when buying a graphics laptop is color accuracy. It is vital to invest in a laptop with the best color accuracy as that’s how you’ll see things clearly. The laptop also needs to have a wider color palette to guarantee you the best results.
Here’s how to measure color accuracy in a laptop. If you’re a beginner, you can ask the seller to find you the best for your needs—the lower the delta-E score, the better the accuracy. It would be best to target a score of below 5 to get the desired results for your graphic design work.

8. Mac vs. PC

This vital question arises every time people are looking for professional work laptops. As a graphic designer, you cannot overlook this factor either. It would help if you went with a laptop that supports the graphic design software you will use in your graphic design work.
best laptop for graphic design
But then, both types of laptops work perfectly in other aspects. The difference comes about when considering compatibility with software. You may also note a few differences when it comes to the quality of their displays. It is advisable to test either before you commit to buying one type to help you get the best.


In the end, you’ll get guided with your budget when buying a graphic design laptop. Graphic design laptops can indeed be expensive. But then, you need to invest in the best as a graphic design professional. Thankfully, there’re graphic design laptops for every budget.
However, it would be best if you considered the volume of work you’ve to handle before picking a laptop. Ensure that you don’t save money and compromise on performance. Consider all the features mentioned above and find a laptop that combines them perfectly.
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