For the uninitiated, a firewall is a software that bars people from entering a computer system illegally and stealing information or causing damage. Listed here are some of the best free firewall software for Windows computers.

Best free firewall software for Windows 10

1. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall - Best free firewall  Windows
ZoneAlarm also comes with an antivirus and an identity theft protection feature aside the firewall.

  • Clean interface.
  • Easily hides exposed ports and prevents hacker activity.
  • Application Control feature blocks unwanted access attempts.
  • Notification can be paused via Game mode.
  • Provides password protection.
  • Settings can be backed up and restored.


2. OpenDNS Home

OpenDNS Home - Best free firewall  Windows
OpenDNS Home has an easy-to-setup process and it is a completely free firewall for home and office.

  • No need to disable existing solutions like Windows Defender firewall.
  • Phishing protection
  • Basic botnet protection
  • Can be set up directly on the router for maximum output
  • Firewall stats accessible via web interface
  • Provides 50 customizable web filters divided by severity level
  • Has custom DNS service to improve your internet speed.


3. TinyWall

TinyWall - Best free firewall  Windows
TinyWall is the kind of firewall that doesn’t restrict features as there is no premium version.

  • Lightweight firewall software with smaller storage footprint
  • Has automatic learning mode to impose rules as per user habits
  • Provides quick buttons for enabling normal protection, allowing or blocking all traffic, learning mode, etc.
  • Password protection
  • Can blocks apps from accessing the LAN
  • Firewall rules can be set to expire
  • No ads.


4. Comodo Free Firewall

best free firewall Windows Comodo
As a robust firewall, Comodo Free Firewall is bundled with Comodo antivirus software.

  • Easy to use thanks to spaciously-laid out controls.
  • Able to sandbox new applications.
  • Desktop widget to show traffic and firewall status.
  • Efficiently monitors apps and system activity for threats.
  • Detect zero-day threats via cloud-powered behaviour analysis system.
  • New firewall rules easily created
  • Whitelists trusted publishers based on cloud data
  • Offers optional Comodo Secure DNS for secure browsing.


5. Windows Firewall

You can also use the native Window Defender Firewall in Windows 10.

  • Perfect interface blends with Windows UI
  • Easy way to blacklist and whitelist applications
  • Easy to understand controls
  • User can easily create custom inbound and outbound traffic rules
  • Non-interruptive operation all the time.
  • Integrates well with the Windows OS.

Comment any other good free firewall software for Windows computers.

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