Best file sharing apps for Android smartphones

File sharing apps are really useful, especially in this era of smartphones. Sharing files is also one of the common features of Android smartphones, unlike iOS, where some files like music can’t be shared.

We have listed here some of the best file sharing apps for Android smartphone users. The list is not in any particular order, just choose the one that hits you.

Best file sharing apps for Android


AirDroid - Best file sharing apps for Android

For fast speeds and wireless transfer between Android and Windows, then AirDroid is here. It lets you access your Android phone from a computer. AirDroid has the capability to mirror your phone to your computer. You can send and receive messages and access installed apps like WhatsApp, etc. from your PC. The free version offers all the essential features but it still has in-app purchases.


Xender is one of the most popular file sharing apps around. It is a cross-platform app, meaning it works between different operating systems. Thus, you can transfer files from an iOS device to an Android or Windows device. You can also share files to a Windows computer without installing any other software.

The file transfer speed of Xender is excellent and it allows you to share between four devices simultaneously. Xender lets you transfer multiple contents from your device, simply by dragging and dropping, and it is free.


Being one of the best WiFi network-backed file sharing apps, SHAREit has over 500 million downloads. You can transfer files of any format: from photos to videos, apps, documents, etc. when two devices are connected, the receiver can choose what file they want to copy without the sender doing further approvals.

With SHAREit, you can get transfer speed up to 20Mbps. You can transfer files to computers but you would need a side software. SHAREit is also free but ad-supported.

Firefox Send

firefox send - Best file sharing apps for Android

The Firefox Send file sharing app is now available though, it is still in beta phase. The app can share files up to 1GB in size. But you can increase that to 2.5GB by using your Mozilla account. It uses a secured end-to-end encryption form for protection.

Unlike the other file sharers that use just the WiFi technology to send files, FireFox Send uses actual internet to share files. A downloadable link of the shared content is created for the receiver. The user can also password-protect it and choose the number of times the files can be download. After that, the link will expire. Firefox Send is free and fortunately, there are no ads.


superbeam - Best file sharing apps for Android

Superbeam has a really cool interface with light, dark, and AMOLED themes. This app uses WiFi Direct to share files. To share files, you can: scan a QR code to connect (QR code scanner is included); connect via NFC; or enter a key to receive.

Though Superbeam uses WiFi Direct to send files, if both devices are connected to the same WiFi, it will transfer over the WiFi. Another cool feature of Superbeam is if the connection was lost, the file transfer can be resumed. There is a web interface to share files with a computer.


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