With the Coronavirus leading to the closure of so many schools in the US and around the world for what looks like it’s going to be a while, the education system finds itself in a mini disruption. The closure has impacted hundreds of millions of students around the world, 36 million in the United States alone. In such an environment, both parents and students themselves are looking for great distance learning programs and resources to help them stay educated and engaged.
That’s what this article is going to be about. We’re going to take a look at some great distance learning resources so you can stay on top of your education during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Best Distance Learning Resources

Best Distance Learning Resources
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Scholastic has a free Learn at Home program that has an extensive month-long curriculum to keep students learning during school closures. The programs are great for those in Kindergarten up to grade 12, with lots of different media to encourage learning, such as videos and stories. The programs are such that children can complete them on their own or with the help of their families or teachers.


Outschool is offering great online classes for students aged between 3 and 18 who have been affected by the school closure. The program covers multiple subjects, including science, math, English, music, and art, all offered through video chat. You can search the courses using a range of parameters, such as age range, format, length, and so on.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy, a free online learning platform, has always been a leader in the education space, and finds itself needed now, perhaps more than ever. It has lots of videos with a personalized dashboard for every student, allowing them to learn diverse subjects, ranging from mathematics and science to art history. It also has bonus content from such different institutions, including the Museum of Modern Art, MIT, NASA, and the California Academy of Sciences. With the recent school closure, Khan Academy went on to release daily schedules for K-12 students.

New York City Department of Education

The New York City Department of Education has a 10-day curriculum for all K-12 grade levels that will be completely free. While it was originally created or the NYC educational district, the material is wide enough for anyone from around the country and the world. It’s also accessible to those who do not live in the district.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids has a newsletter, video content, and lots of gaming apps for you to try. It has plenty of educational games and activities for children of ages 2 to 8. The video app has educational videos and a livestream of the PBS Kids channel that runs 24/7. You don’t have to subscribe either. The gaming app has hundreds of educational games that kids can download and play offline if they want.

Storyline Online

This is a children’s literacy resource developed by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. It streams videos with different actors in them reading different children’s books accompanied by illustrations. Each book also has a curriculum to supplement it, which tries to improve the verbal, written, and reading comprehension skills for students, particularly those learning English.

Prodigy Math

Prodigy Math is an online mathematics platform that helps to reinforce mathematics skills by utilizing video games. It offers lots of features and rewards as well as progress reports, flexible learning goals, and placement tests.


Duolingo is a language learning app that teaches people of all ages different languages through gamified exercises. Its streak feature and goal setting capabilities help to motivate learners to keep at it. When you subscribe to the premium experience you get access to downloadable and ad-free lessons.


YouTube is a great resource for learners as it has tonnes of free content and tutorials on just about any topic under the sun. It’s particularly a good place for those looking to learn programming, art, mathematics, English, economics, and many other topics (by the way, you can find a list of controversial topics at topics mill). Try to explore the different subjects YouTube has by searching for “[subject] tutorials” and exploring the different options that come up. You may find that it’s as good as any school.


DIY.org is a great site for those who just love to make their own stud. It has literally thousands of projects and courses you can try out for people of all ages, including kids aged from 4 to 13. Some of the most popular courses and projects on the platform include photography, drawing, science, building with Legos, music, and Minecraft projects. Kids are even allowed to make and share their own videos on the site, with parents getting notifications every time their kid shares something.


With these resources, your time at home should be very productive. Hopefully, when the pandemic peters out, you’ll come out the other side not only healthy but also well-educated in the interval.
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