On of the Best Dining Option in Dubai

With the Eid weekend coming up, and the rising temperature of the city, there isn’t much to do on Eid, unless you are thinking to dine out. Here are some great restaurants to add to your list this Eid for fine dining.


Asma gives you the taste of Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt all under one roof. Asma is located at The Dubai Mall. The restaurant doesn’t only have great food, but it also has a pleasant twist to it. The food here is loaded with unusual flavors that you will not find anywhere else. These include hummus with parsley vinaigrette, sliced almonds with beetroot-filled labneh, halloumi with honey and walnuts. The salads here are extremely fresh and made with the taste that is new to your palate delicious such as, watermelon with toasted hazelnuts, as well as shakshuka with shoestring fries. Everything here is done differently

There are traditional dishes like koshari as well as ouzi. Don’t forget to try the dessert at the end or you will be missing a lot of awesome stuff. The most famous sweet of Asma is the muhallabia that is served with edible flowers, pistachios, as well as Turkish cotton candy.


Best Dining in Duabi

The Open Flame Kitchen is the best restaurant made for picky eaters. No matter what you have in mind, these people serve it all. Located at The Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue, the restaurant is the most recent addition and has already won many hearts. If you want to try North Indian cuisine, you should go for their Loomi Tikka. For Japanese, you better try the ‘Citrus Black Miso Cod.’ If you prefer American go for “Parrilla” that is a charcoal-fueled Latin American grill.

For more mundane choices, you can try the ‘Caramelized Onion Cheeseburger’ that will take you to heaven and back. Albeit the fact, that the restaurant is known for its grilled stuff, the raw bar is equally famous and does well with the customers.

Taverna Greek Kitchen

The restaurant may be only six months old, but it’s become the hottest spots of Souk Madinat Jumeirah. The restaurant dies well because the location is perfect, the view is great, and the food is exceptional. It’s decorated with open-style kitchen, rustic touches as well as all shades of the sea. Famous Greek chef Theodore Rouvas run the kitchen with precision. The menu has a variety of meze, cold plates, as well as salads to curb your food cravings. Some of the food you can enjoy here are:

  • Freshly baked pita with traditional Greek dips
  • Ksidato Octopus marinated with vinegar, herbs, along with olive oil
  • Flaming Cheese Saganaki flames as well as orange marmalade
  • Chargrilled Gulf Prawns
  • Greek Yoghurt Pavlova served with berries and a good bit of yogurt ice cream

Mango Tree Thai Bistro

Located at the Hilton Dubai at JBR the restaurant may seem small but one dine-in experience will tell you what you have missing all your life. It’s a pleasant change from all the ultra-fancy eateries of the city. Here you can find peace and serenity amid a tropical environment. For starters, you can enjoy the Watermelon Salad mixed with Dried Shrimp as well as the Spicy Seafood Soup that will fill your mouth with unique tastes and pleasure.

For the main course, try the famous Jungle Curry Short Ribs that are so perfectly cooked that they will literally melt like butter in your mouth. You can also go for the Green Curry Prawns that will make you forget the short ribs instantly. You can also try the Whole Roasted Sea Bass that comes with a variety of dipping sauces.

End the dinner with sweet touches of Thai Street Ice Cream and Pandan Souffle to cleanse your palate.

Rue Royale

Started with the help of Chef Mathieu Viannay of La Mère Brazier, this Lyonnaise idea was launched at Rue Royale. Ever since it started, the reviews have been great. It’s the exceptional dining experience that you shouldn’t take a pass at. The Rue Royale should be on top of your list of fine dining restaurants.

Start with salmon served with a delightful orange cream sauce. Not only the taste but the look of the dishes is Instagram worthy to boot. There is also the specially called King Crabe aux Condiments that is a fresh salad topped with celery. Along with escabeche jelly, sour grapefruit as well as caviar; nothing can beat this combination, many have tried.

Best dine-in options In Dubai


Dubai isn’t only known for its luxurious lifestyle but also for the excellent dining experience it offers. If you are looking for great restaurants, go through the list again and enjoy some of the great restaurants in Dubai.


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