Since the invention of the CO2 extraction method, the isolation of compounds such as Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC became increasingly more accessible. It was challenging to isolate them in the past, given that Delta 8 is present in hemp and cannabis plants only in minimal traces.

The new methods for refinement made a boom on the market, especially of the Delta 8 compound. This compound can now be found in a great variety of products, and people keep experimenting and using it even to tackle some health issues.

Delta 9 THC (better known as THC) is what all canna users know as the substance that can get them “high.” Yes, Delta 9 THC, when used in abundance, can provoke some sensations that can sometimes be too intense.

For example, people taking a higher intake of Delta 9 THC per dosage can sometimes experience anxiety attacks or even bouts of paranoia. Because it’s moderate, more and more canna users turn to Delta 8 THC as their haven.

Delta 8 THC is still potent and psychoactive, but its effect on the human body and mind is much milder. It might be surprising to hear that Delta 8 and Delta 9 differ only in a couple of atomic bonds chemically, but their effects after consumption are further apart.

Delta 8 THC won’t give you a sensation that is too intense to cope with. It is sometimes even used for alleviating medical issues, as it’s very mild at its core. Products containing Delta 8 THC can range from the traditional Delta 8 hemp flower to candy-like Delta 8 THC gummies.

Some strive to find the Delta 8 distillate (or concentrate) to give them the purest and most genuine form of Delta 8 THC. Whichever product you choose as your favorite, it’s essential to buy it from an online vendor that won’t scam you.

We’ve composed a list of the top three vendors we find appropriate, reputable, and credible for you to delve into the whole Delta 8 THC idea.

Top vendors where you can buy Delta 8 concentrate in 2021

Like many online vendors, physical dispensaries tend to tamper with their products; if you don’t make the right choice, you might end up with non-genuine stuff. Some manufacturers even grow to become copycats, and what they sell will not fulfill your needs.

Because of this standard set of scams that vendors try to carry out on their customers, you have to make sure that you are only shopping from reliable ones. Luckily, we’ve chosen three online vendors with transparent websites that will make all your worries of being scammed go away.

After reading our in-depth analysis of each of them, you find yourself feeling dissatisfied and go on a quest of finding another vendor. In that case, we recommend that you always follow the two steps of a canna-shopping spree:

  1. Check the vendor’s reputation – on the website and in reviews that other customers have left; you can get a better insight into whether your vendor is credible or not. Always look for lab reports from a third party – they are the ones that tell the products are pure;
  2. Look for customer service and return policies – if the vendor in question has 24/7 customer service – they’re reputable. Also, look for return policies and shipping charges. If they seem extraordinary, and the links on the website don’t lead anywhere – the vendor will scam you;

The following set of three vendors we find reliable sources, you needn’t worry about the two precautions we’ve just listed. Otherwise, please follow these two steps. Now, let’s look at our top picks of vendors where you can buy Delta 8 concentrate.

8 Delta8

8 Delta8 offers a set of fine concentrates that are conveniently affordable. You can choose from the CBD Full Spectrum Shatter ($25.99), the CBD Isolate Shatter/Crumble ($24.99), and the CBD Terpsolate (isolate) with the price of just $12.99.

Other isolates offered are Pure CBD Isolate ($15.00-$260.00), Pure CBG Isolate ($15.00), and Pure CBN Isolate (19.99). All products containing Delta 8 THC available on the 8 Delta8’s website have passed quality controls.

Namely, 8 Delta8 is an established company that caters products to their customers made exclusively from pure Hemp oil extract. Hemp extract is grown legally, and all products you decide to buy from their menu are legal for purchase. So, if the question is where is delta 8 available? Then, the answer is 8delta8.

The company is federally legal 100%. You needn’t worry that your product will contain some harmful additives or chemicals – a third-party lab has tested all products. We have to highlight the importance of the involvement of a third-party lab.

If the test results come from a lab that works separately from the manufacturer, their products are free from pesticides, GMOs, and other non-genuine substances. After the initial step of checking the reputation and reviews of a vendor – you have to look for these results.

These test results are the only thing that can persuade you that the products from that vendor have not been tampered with. 8 Delta8 has a complete set of files available for download in PDF format, where you can minutely read about each lab result of their products.

Moreover, each product contains a QR-code. A QR-code can directly take you to designated lab results of the product you are considering purchasing. These PDF files about their tested products that have passed quality controls will guarantee the absence of cutting agents in them.

A significant event took place in 2018 – the Farm Bill was issued. This Bill made all products that contain 0.3% THC (or less) legal for distribution. Ever since then, 8 Delta8 has been working hard to distribute only the finest products to their customers.

We must stress that none of the products available for purchase on this website are for curing, treating, or preventing any disease. Yes, Delta 8 concentrate may indeed have potential health benefits, but the company will not be responsible for Delta 8’s failure in this field.

Some people use Delta 8 to keep their anxiety in moderation; others use it to stop depression symptoms from worsening, while some use it to alleviate chronic and acute pain. Professional athletes even regularly use hemp creams to ease their pain and inflammation.

However, this still needs definite proof, and for this reason – don’t use 8 Delta8 products if you are under any prescribed medication. Avoid them, too, if you are pregnant, nursing, or operating a vehicle.

Plain Jane

From the spectrum of Delta-8 concentrates, Plain Jane offers only one product – 1 Gram Delta-8 Dabs with the price of $34.99. It’s available in 17 different flavors, is adaptable to pens, dab rigs, joints, bongs, or a top CBD hemp flower.

This dab will give you a smooth experience. It’s made from 100% legally grown hemp extracts and is loaded with terpenes (organic). Either combined with other products through infusion or inhaled, 1 Gram Delta-8 Dab will give you a slight boost.

Plain Jane works only with entirely pure and high-quality industrial hemp. The company cultivates this hemp under rigorously monitored conditions. Thus you needn’t worry whether their products are bioavailable – they come with the best bioavailability.

Like 8 Delta8, Plain Jane states that all products purchased from their website should not be within a child’s reach. Naturally, you should always avoid them if you’re taking a drug test, pregnant, or nursing a child.

When it comes to the potential health benefits of delta 8 thc flower, every consumer should be aware that the FDA hasn’t conducted any evaluation of these presumptions. Plain Jane will not be responsible if you purchase a product from their website and expect to resolve a health issue.

Yes, many people shop from Plain Jane’s website to alleviate acute and chronic pain, solve their temper issues, or simply induce relaxation to make it through a busy day. However, all of this information should be taken with some doubt at hand.

If you purchase a product from Plain Jane’s website, make sure that you don’t carry more than 30g of a particular product in public spaces. You may encounter some legal issues if behaving otherwise. Plain Jane will not be responsible for your state laws and your breach of them.

Industrial Hemp Farms

From concentrates on the Industrial Hemp Farms website, you can find the Delta 8 Hemp Shatter ($29.99-$2,88.00) and the CBG Distillate ranging from $7.49 to $749.99.

The lab report on the Hemp Shatter states that it may have an intoxicating effect and should be used with great caution. Like the two other manufacturers we’ve listed above, IHP urges their customers to consult a doctor first if they are taking any other medication.

The CBG Distillate you can purchase on this website is excellent for dabs and vaping, perfect for formulating products, and if dissatisfied – money-back is guaranteed. The CBG found here is produced like cannabigerol acid.

This compound is like the mother of all other cannabinoids. Yes, it does have a direct link to CBD, THC, and CBC. Their connection means that the more a product teems with THC, the less CBG there will be in that particular product.

All products at IHP are made in the USA. They have all been lab-tested, contain no GMOs, and are free from pesticides. Industrial Hemp Farms works only with industrial hemp, which is of the highest possible quality.

You can find third-party lab test results on IHP’s website as well. The company is based in Colorado and offers both retail and wholesale. As one of the largest companies that sell CBD distillate and CBD isolate, IHP also provides a great choice of concentrates, one of the best in the USA.

Their strains are grown both indoor and outdoor, and you can find everything from the traditional hemp flower to a palette of colorfully flavored CBD gummies. Like all other credible vendors, they are worried about your safety first.

Because this is so, you can find some steps of precaution that need to be respected before purchasing anything from Industrial Hemp Farms. Don’t consume their products if you are taking any prescribed medication, are operating a vehicle, nursing, or pregnant.

Also, none of the products listed on their website can treat, cure, or prevent any particular disease. If you have all this information in your mind at all times, nothing unpleasant can occur after you make your pick and try any of IHP’s high-quality delta 8 products.


The choices of vendors are numerous, and sometimes it can be tough to find the one that will meet all your requirements. For this reason, we hope that the three vendors listed above have given you enough reasons to purchase your Delta 8 products from them safely.

Never be lazy to check the credibility of the website. Look for links that work and lead to products, look for third-party lab test results, and look for reviews from other customers. As physical dispensaries sometimes add non-genuine additives to their product – avoid them.

Physical dispensaries are all about quantity over quality for lower pricing. Customers get bewitched by these bizarrely low prices and shop in bulks from that manufacturer. However, what they come home with is everything but genuine concentrate.

That’s why we advise you to always shop from online dispensaries. They offer transparent websites where you can get the gist. Also, they allow you to keep canna shopping to yourself – you can’t run into anybody you know online.

8 Delta8, Plain Jane, and Industrial Hemp Farms are suitable for beginners and experienced canna users alike. We’ve checked their credibility and are confident that they work hard to provide only the best products made with industrial hemp to their customers.

Always be cautious, analyze your vendors and enjoy what Delta-8 world has to offer without a single worry.

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