Smartphones generally have small screens, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a phablet or a tablet. Comparing them to PC or TV screens makes them look dwarves in the world of screens. That is why people are always looking for the best apps to mirror Android to PC so they can have a bigger and better view.
Back when screen mirroring was gaining roots, Android users would have to root their devices before they could get this particular feature. Well, thanks to technology advancing by the minute, a lot of apps now can cast your Android phone’s screen to your PC without you having to root the phone.
Screen-casting or mirroring removes that extra step of grabbing device for every new notification. It also makes sharing media files to PC very easy.
But before you think of apps to mirror Android to PC, there are a couple things you’d need to do.

Requirements for casting Android to PC

You have to turn on USB debugging for screen mirroring to work. This UBS debugging feature is located in the developer options of the Android device.

How to enable Developer Options on Android device

  1. Open the Android phone’s Settings ⇒ System⇒ About Phone
  2. Scroll down to find “Build Number” and tap on it five times
  3. Go back to “System Settings”
  4. You will now see Developer Options

 How to enable USB Debugging

Now our Developer Options feature is on. The next thing is USB Debugging.

  1. Go to Android Settings ⇒ System⇒ Developer Options.
  2. Scroll down and toggle USB debugging.

Voila! Your Android handset is now ready to cast its screen to a PC for better viewing. So let’s see the best Android apps that can do the work well.

Best apps to mirror Android to PC

1. Screen Stream Mirroring by MobZapp

Screen Stream is predominantly used for streaming your Android device and it is wireless also. It has support for an endless number of platforms. It has support for media players like VLC, KODI, OBS, plus, you can share the screen over the web.
You can even broadcast your Android screen to Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Ustream, etc. it is really one powerful mirror app. This app is recommended by a lot of people and you can get it on Play Store. There is a free version but the paid version costs ₵28 ($4.99)

2. Vysor 5

Vysor 5 app to mirror Android to PC
Vysor 5 is a mirroring app that is easy to set up. Plus, you can use apps, play games, take screenshots and do a lot more on the mirrored screen. You’ll use it like you’re just using the phone. But as all good things come with price tags so does this app. You would have to upgrade to the premium version to get features like high resolution mirroring, sharing Android screen wirelessly, and even drag and drop.
One good thing is it is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome machines. The monthly subscription is $2.5 (₵13.75). But you can pay about ₵55 upfront and use the app for a whole year. Alternatively, you can get it forever for ₵220 ($40).

3. ApowerMirror

Another powerful screencasting app. ApowerMirror even allows users to take screenshots, record screen and control the Android device manually. The Game Keyboard, probably the best feature, lets users map keyboard shortcuts for smoother Android functionality.
It also has a premium version. The premium version allows users to mirror 3 Android devices at the same time. With the paid version, you can also scribble and draw on the screen. It is available for Windows and Android.
It is, however, advisable to use the USB cable method first, instead of the wireless one. If you use the wireless first, it will only stream your Android device on PC with no functionality.

4. Mobizen

Mobizen app to mirror Android to PC
This app is similar to Vysor but has most of its basic features free to use. You can mirror from a web browser like Chrome, control device via keyboard/mouse, transfer and view files on PC, etc. Other features include the screen transparency, also called the ghost mode.
Android devices can be used remotely through the Mobizen website. The only thing is, the wireless option doesn’t allow you to control your Android device. You can still record, draw, transfer, etc. The paid versions roll like: ₵17/month and ₵132 for a year.

5. AirDroid

AirDroid app to mirror Android to PC
This one here uses wireless connection to mirror your Android device to PC. And it is really a good app as it also lets users share files. The file transfer feature lets you share files between PC and Android seamlessly.
AirDroid comes with a desktop client so that you never miss any call or message notification. On the other hand, AirDroid web enables you to use your phone on the web. Its premium version allows you to remotely open the camera on your device. It comes with its own UI which include call logs, messages, pictures, files etc. You can take screenshots and record the screen with this app.
You can get it for both Windows and Android. For the monthly subscription, you’ll shed ₵11 ($2) and the yearly goes for ₵110 ($19.99)

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