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Of course, Android smartphones, just like any other smartphone, come with their own pre-installed keyboards. But these keyboards usually don’t have any interesting features aside from the mundane typing and the auto-correct feature.
But there are tons of third-party keyboard apps that are very good in the sense that they do have extra features. Thus, we’ve listed some of the best Android keyboard apps you can use for their various features.

Some features these third-party Android keyboards have include advanced swiping options, themes, highly customisable layouts, and a whole lot.

Best Android keyboard apps

1. TouchPal Keyboard

TouchPal Keyboard for Android

This is a really remarkable and award-winning keyboard app. It has over 500 million users worldwide. Thus, it is definitely one of the best Android keyboard apps. TouchPal is free and can be used on most Android smartphones, even the older ones.

It is packed with a lot of features. TouchPal keyboard has gesture typing, GIF support, emoticons & emojis, autocorrect, predictive text, and multilingual support.

It also has some features that are not present in some of the keyboard apps listed here. Such features include voice typing, T+ & T9 keypad, number row, and glide typing. You also get a voice recognition feature, stickers, one-touch writing, and loads of other useful tricks.

2. Go Keyboard

GO keyboard

Looking for a minimalist keyboard to replace your phone’s default? Then Go Keyboard is recommended as one of the best Android keyboard apps for that. It is simple and handy-looking. Go Keyboard learns your typing habits to give you ease when typing.

This keyboard app has support for a bunch of languages. It even supports those languages that don’t use Roman script. There is an integrated dictionary that can tell you the meaning of a word in any language. You also get over 1000 different themes, emojis, GIFs, fonts, etc.

Go Keyboard has a swipe-to-unlock lock screen and charge mode feature which is unique to the app. The app is free so you will definitely see some ads and there are in-app purchases as well.

3. SwiftKey

swiftkey keyboard

SwiftKey is one of the most popular and best Android keyboard apps people can use as a replacement for the native keyboard app. It can be trusted as Microsoft acquired it back in 2016.

It uses AI to learn the user’s typing pattern, adapts to it, and predict the next word they intend to type. There’s also the autocorrect feature and gesture typing for quick typing. SwiftKey also doubles as a spectacular emoji keyboard. It has loads of emojis, GIF and more. There are also themes under its customisation option.

4. Google Handwriting Input

Google Handwriting Input

As the name might suggest, Google Handwriting Input is not the usual key that lets you hit on keys to type. It is actually a feature added to the regular Google Keyboard app. You enable it and you get a blank area in place of the buttons. With this blank space, you write using your fingers or a stylus. The keyboard will recognise your written text and convert it to the normal text.

Don’t worry about slow ups. The text recognition of Google Handwriting Input is pretty fast. It is really useful for people using Android tablets.

5. Gboard

Gboard keyboard for Android

For speed, reliability, gesture typing, voice typing, etc., Gboard is the best Android keyboard app you should be picking. It is really one of the fastest keyboard Android apps around. It has a fully integrated Google search engine, and it also suggests GIFs and emojis as you type. You can send stickers. And you can also make your own stickers too.

The minimalist design fits perfectly with the material design. Additional features of Gboard are voice dictation, dark theme, phrase prediction, and hand-drawn emoji recognition. You can also use a personal image as the keyboard background.

Gboard’s text prediction feature is perfect for people who use lots of Google services. It is also a good keyboard app for multilingual typing as it has support for more than 100 languages.

6. Grammarly

Grammarly keyboard for Android

Known for its grammar checker extension for desktop web browsers, Grammarly can be counted as one of the best Android keyboard apps. The Android version of the Grammarly capability is one important app as users wouldn’t have to worry about the grammar aspect of the English language while texting.

It is also important for professional conversations and emails on the smartphone. Aside from its well-known spelling and grammar checker feature, Grammarly has a nice mint-green colour-themed visual design.

You can switch to its dark mode too if you’re in a dark environment. In a nutshell, Grammarly for Android is the best keyboard app if you are always involved in lots of professional communication on your smartphone.

7. Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma keyboard

The last entry is Chrooma Keyboard. This keyboard app is quite similar to the Google keyboard. The only thing is that this one offers more customisations. It has all the essential features of third-party keyboard apps like swipe typing, gesture typing, keyboard resizing, predictive typing, and autocorrect.

This app has an action row that helps you with emojis, numbers and punctuation suggestions. It has also added a Night mode feature. The night mode feature can be scheduled as well. Its AI provides users with more accuracy and better contextual prediction.

Chrooma Keyboard has an adaptive colour mode feature. With this feature, the keyboard automatically adapts to the colour of the app you are using. This makes the keyboard appear to be part of the particular app you’re using.

There you have them. If you know any other keyboard app that should be on this list, let us know in the comment section.


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