As smartphones have become a part of our daily lives, sensitive data cannot be kept off them. With that in mind, we always have to find ways to protect these data at all costs. So, we’ve listed some of the best Android app locks you can use on your Android device to safeguard your data from intruders.

Best Android app locks

1. Norton App Lock

From a respected company in the field of antivirus software vendors. It is free from ads and it has the option of using a pattern, PIN or your fingerprint. Norton App Lock also protects the photos on the device and captures photos of intruders. The app recommends which app you should lock as well. Get it on Google Play Store.

2. LOCKit

LOCKit can be used to lock your phone screen as well. Its side features include a file scanner, phone booster, and notifications cleaner. It allows you to use a pattern or a PIN to protect your apps. Your pattern path can be made invisible so that even if there’s someone standing over your shoulders, they won’t see the path. This app locker has a power-saving mode and intruder selfie feature. You can hide your photos and videos from your gallery and secure them inside separate vaults.

3. AppLock by DoMobile Lab

AppLock by DoMobile Lab  best Android app lock
Preferred by a lot of Android users, AppLock by DoMobile Lab can be used to password protect any specific app an Android device. You can hide photos and videos from the gallery. A master pattern lock would be created for you to use every time you access the app. You enable fingerprint scanning to unlock apps as well as a fake cover. The app locker itself can be hidden.

4. Perfect AppLock

Aside from locking any application on your device with a PIN, pattern, or a gesture password, Perfect AppLock can lock up your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and internet data as well. Its “Screen Filter” feature allows you to manage screen brightness of individual apps. It takes a photo of an intruder after three failed attempts. You can lock outgoing and incoming calls. Get Perfect AppLock for free on Play Store.

5. AppLock by IvyMobile

Next on the list of best android app locks is AppLock by IvyMobile. This app locker allows users to lock almost everything on their Android phones. It protects your contacts, gallery, settings, email, and a lot of things aside from third-party apps.
A PIN or pattern lock can be used. Pattern draw paths can also be hidden. It takes photos of intruders as well. The app’s icon can be changed to a fake clock.

6. Privacy Knight

One of the best Android app locks around is Privacy Knight. It is packed with some excellent features to secure your apps. It gives you different methods to lock your apps. You can use a PIN/pattern, fingerprint scanner, face tracking, or a disguise cover, such as to blow, shake, or use a crash message to unlock.
Privacy Knight best Android app lock
Privacy Knight has no ads and there are no in-app purchases. It prevents uninstallation of the apps, hides notification previews from apps, captures intruders, and hides private photos and videos.
More Android app locks are going to be added to this list with time.

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