Best age-appropriate toys for kindergarteners and preschoolers

Kindergarteners and preschoolers typically ask a lot of questions, talk more, and have longer attention spans than toddlers. They like to explore and experiment with new things and their still-growing physical dexterities. They are more social and love to play with friends and don’t respond well to losing. Sharing one toy among friends is more possible between older kindergarteners and preschoolers.

Best age-appropriate toys for kindergarteners and preschoolers
Preschooler child playing with colorful toy blocks

Recommended Toys For Three To Six-Year-Olds:


Toys for solving problems, for instance, blocks that can be snapped together, puzzles with 12-20+ pieces, and smaller objects or collections that can be sorted according to width, length, color, smell, height, quantity, and other features. Good examples include plastic bowls with lids, shells, plastic bottle caps, colored blocks, and counting bears.


Toys that are suitable for building or pretending, for example, building blocks. All pretend-play toys that include transportation toys, complex structures, child-sized furniture, construction sets, play food, dolls with accessories, dress-up clothing, puppets with simple puppet theatres and water and sand play toys. Visit this site to learn more.

Toys That Are Craft-Related

Things for creating that include markers and crayons, fingerpaint with small and large paintbrushes, paper for painting and drawing, play dough and modeling tools, a chalkboard with chalk pieces, and paste.

Musical instruments

This includes rhythm instruments like xylophones, maracas, keyboards, and tambourines.

Picture Books

Books that include more detailed pictures and words than toddler picture books.

DVD and CD players

CD and DVD players with a selection of music. Cassette payers and phonograph players work well too.

Toys For Developing Fine Motor And Gross Motor Skills

  • Toys that require the use of large and small muscles like different sized balls for throwing, kicking, and catching.
  • Ride-on toys like tricycles.
  • Taller climb equipment with soft mats underneath.
  • Wheelbarrows and wagons.
  • Plastic bowling pin set.
  • Balls with bats.
  • Toolsets that include the workbench with tools like hammer, nails, saw, etc.

PC Games

If your child has access to a PC, you can download interactive programs that allow her to do tasks with software that utilizes spoken instruction and graphics, not just print. Children must be able to control the software’s path and pace and have opportunities to explore a selection of concepts on different levels.

Safety Consideration For Children’s Toys

Toys for young children that are considered safe must be:

  • Well-made with no splinters, sharp edges, and don’t pinch.
  • It is painted with lead-free and non-toxic paint.
  • Are shatterproof.
  • Are easily cleanable.

Electric toys must be UL (Underwriters Laboratories) approved. Be sure to look at the label, which must be an

indication that the toy has been UL approved. Also, toys that are suitable for children younger than three years must contain no small pieces or parts that could pose a risk of getting lodged in the child’s throat and result in suffocation. It is crucial to consider that typical wear and tear on toys can lead to a once-safe toy becoming a safety hazard. Parents must always check toys regularly to ensure that they are in good condition and discard the ones that are not.


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