Here is our best 6 alternative web browser apps for iPhone's Safari browser
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For whatever reason you may want to have another mobile web browser aside the default Safari on your iPhone. There are plenty of alternative mobile browsers on Apple’s App Store waiting to be downloaded.

Noteworthy, you can’t change your default iPhone browser. All links in your emails and messages will still open in Safari. But that doesn’t really prevent you from using a third party browser.


Best iPhone Safari web browser alternatives

  • Google Chrome

Google Chrome is obviously one of the best web browsers around. It is available for Windows and Android devices, and iOS devices as well. This browser is so great for its cross platform syncing. Just by signing in with your Gmail ID, you can access your recently opened tabs, bookmarks and favourites. Its address bar doubles as a search box. The landing page displays your frequently visited pages and top sites.
iOS’s Google Chrome app is for those who like to work with multiple devices running on different OS’s.

  • Opera Mini

Opera Mini is made for users who are concerned about excessive data usage. The iOS version of Opera Mini is a lightweight web browser app, thus making it run perfectly on different bandwidths. As well, it runs smoothly even on low-end smartphones It loads pages really fast.

Its compression feature also enables you to cut down data usage. Opera Mini has native reading mode, and night mode to go easy on your easy during night time. It also has an in-built ad blocker to shield your browsing experience bugging adverts.
With the private tabs feature you can anonymously.

  • Firefox Focus

One of the best desktop browsers is Firefox and they extending their set of advanced features to mobile devices. Techies mainly like this browser because of its set of advanced features. Firefox primarily focuses on users’ privacy. Its stealth mode is turned on by default so you don’t need to turn on incognito mode to avoid trackers.

Firefox focus is the suitable browser app if you want to stay anonymous in the online space.

  • Yandex Browser

Yandex, the Russian search engine that has outnumbered Google in Russia has a browser app for iOS users. All Yandex browser is about is safe and secure browsing. Yandex, just like Opera Mini, reduces data. It has a Turbo mode feature which speeds up the loading time of a page. Its voice search allows only three languages: Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish. It also have an in-built ad blocker. The Yandex Zen feature in the browser offers customised content to users. You can also set your own background for the browser’s landing page.

Yandex would be a refreshing switch if you want to move from Safari.

  • Puffin

The excellent compression function in the Puffin Web Browser app is quite useful – it loads pages quicker. Puffin browser has support for Flash pages.  It also an excellent app for networks with less bandwidth. In the Puffin app, Chrome bookmarks are automatically synchronised.

One intelligent feature is you can adjust streaming quality and the image resolution for web pages. Puffin is perfect for resources limited devices.

  • Ghostery

Initially, Ghostery was just a tracking blocker add-on. Privacy is the number one thing the browser offers. Its privacy and tracker blocking features do a very good job and thus making Ghostery popular every day. It warns you when a tracker is trying to tag you on a site.

It has this individual tracker control which allows you to see all the trackers on the sites you visit. DuckDuckGo is Ghostery’s secure search facility. Ghostery also possesses a WiFi protection feature that shields you from trackers when connected to a WiFi network.

This is a must have browser for iPhone users who are too concerned about their online privacy.

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