Benefits of upgrading your business sign

If you run a local business, you might have already established a reputation. Depending on your growth and brand messaging, there is always room of improvement as far as the business is concerned. One of the areas that most people will overlook when it comes to upgrades and improvement is the sign. That is why you should check out Signarama Piscataway – Your New Jersey Sign Company if you’re thinking about upgrading your business sign. Here are some of the benefits you can get should you decide to upgrade your sign.

Community Recognition

If your business is serving a particular locality, it will only make sense to try and stand out from your competition. The community needs to know what your business is about. Once you make the investment in upgrading the business sign, the community, other businesses, and the government will start taking notice of your business. It won’t come as a surprise for such a business to be honoured in the community especially if it is known for offering exemplary customer service. This will be free publicity and could significantly impact the brand in a positive way.

Local Pride

Most community members like taking pride in their local surroundings. They will identify with monuments or a unique object. You can take advantage of this fact by upgrading your business sign. It won’t be long before people start using your business sign to give directions in the locality. Such small gestures can go a long way in building your brand. The erection of the sign could potentially develop into a meeting spot or even an important monument in the community.

Increase Property Value

The curb appeal is one of the most important element when evaluating the value of a property. One of the ways you can improve the curb appeal of the property is by putting up a sign of your business. You will not only be erecting a sign but will also be modernizing your building. Your building is likely to be valued higher because of the conspicuousness of the brand as there will be a strong feeling of association.

Impression Repetition

You probably know by now that upgrading your business sign will lead to improved visibility in your locality which ultimately led to more customers. Did you know that business signage could also help in improving the impressions? If it is a local business, it is estimated that more than 85% of your potential customer base can see the sign up to 60 times a month. This is free advertising and it increases the likelihood of someone walking into your shop as a result of seeing the sign. The repeat impression can help in shaping the perspective of the potential customer before making a purchasing decision.

Inspires Consumers Decisions

Consumers are always going to make impulse purchasing decisions. They just need to be motivated and everything else will fall into place. It is estimated that more than half of store visitors make decisions based on impulse alone. You will be helping your case when you have a sign outside your business.

Relocation Guidance

More than 20% of Americans relocate every year. It is safe to say that we’re currently living in a transient society. One of the ways you can stand out from the crowd and reach out to the new community is by having a business sign. Once you have established the visibility, your new customer is likely to stay loyal since it is the first business that the person interacted with when they moved to the new neighbourhood.

Grant Eligibility

In most cities and towns, you will find an economic development department which rewards those businesses that have made efforts in property beautifications and capital improvements. There is a chance that your business could receive thousands of dollars in grants meant for the future storefront renovation projects.


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to break the bank in order to have a business sign on your property. Even though you might need to put some money upfront for the installation, there will be nothing to do once the sign is already up.

Year-round Advertising

An exterior sign presents the opportunity to advertise your business throughout the year. The sign will be up 24/7 and anyone can see it regardless of the time of day. This alone should be more than enough reason to invest in a sign. Does your business has a sign and it is it visible enough?


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