Benefits of living in a smart world

The human technology had already come a long way since the time that humans invented the very first car, aeroplane and boat. Today, as the technology advances we now enjoy the use of other high-end devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, smart glasses and smart cars, with the power of the internet plus all these smart devices people can now be connected 24/7. 

The Smart Protection

There are a lot of benefits in using smart technologies as you can utilize them not only for business or making our lives easier and more convenient, we can also use them for our own protection. Travis and Mark of suggest that it is easy to protect yourself as long as you have the proper knowledge to do so by knowing the comparison and what could be the best line of security devices to integrate into your home. By putting proper security into your house, you will feel safe and secured. 

Safe and Secured Community

With the use of technological advancement, it can reduce criminal activity by ten folds. Law enforcers could utilize body camera and license plate number recognition to be more efficient on the job. Next-Gen 911 and CCTVs strategically placed all over the streets can definitely give them an edge in terms of crime location and monitoring activities on the street without physically roaming around. Smoke detectors directly connected to the local firefighter station or home lock security immediately notifying the local police for any forced break-in can definitely save lives.

Smarter and Efficient Traffic

Heavy traffic is one of the most annoying things when driving during peak hours, but with intelligent traffic signals the traffic flow will be regulated based on the time and what day the streets usually gets jam-packed with vehicles, reducing congestion, and providing smoother flow and safer road environment for all motorists. Cars can now connect to the internet and gather information on the best route to a specific location providing the driver detailed and automated direction with every turn. With this kind of environment, vehicles and people can move around within their area with ease and safety maximizing the usage of every road that was built and being efficient in travelling.

Enhanced Engagement to Public

Due to the reason that everyone and everything can be connected through the internet by the use of smart devices, people around the world can now be connected directly to whatever the government is broadcasting and getting the information first hand. The government can now be more engaged to the public by providing information via social media, websites and video streaming platforms. In this way, people are more aware of the current situation in their community, they will be aware of the government’s notification in a matter of seconds and the government can hear the people’s cry and suggestions immediately and respond as fast as possible.

In a world where everything is connected via internet 24/7, remember that knowledge is not enough, you have to understand in order to be better. There are a lot of things that we will not achieve with just the technology that we have today, but by advancing to the future we will attain be able to maximize our capabilities and see how far we can go.


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