Escape from Tarkov is not just an FPSgame, but an FPS MMORPG game packed with survival elements that make it inherently different from other genres. High demands are placed not only on observation and aiming skills, but also on the movement control as EFT’s control is unusual for many. With our handy dandy guide for beginners, you’ll be able to loot Escape from Tarkov items and master all the tricks about Escape From Tarkov trading the right way in no time!

Dying in EFT (A Lot)

In the beginning, you will most likely die… a lot! However, there’s no shame in that. Learning by dying is the key here in EFT! You’re a member of a mercenary group located in the Russian industrial city of Tarkov. In a nutshell, your task is to collect as much valuable equipment as possible in one of the ten map locations, and ultimately leave the contested location you’ve chosen to go to alive while using one of the provided exits.
Be forewarned though, because while you’re at the location, there are other players roaming around who want to loot up as well. If you have a full backpack in your hands, chances are they will try to snatch it away from you. There are also AI opponents called Scavs on the map that will try and stop you. It’s pretty easy to die in any location in EFT, but hey, practice makes perfect!
One of the unique features in Escape from Tarkov is its permadeath feature. If you happen to die, you are immediately out of the raid and you will lose all the gear that you’ve gained so far before you escape through the exits. You will only be able to keep what you have placed in your secured container. To avoid constantly losing gear, buying Insurance with your in-game currency is one way to keep your gear even though you died. However, you can only use your Insurance once per raid; meaning if you die once more, all the gear you’ve obtained will be lost.

The Importance of Stances

How you stand can make a world of difference in your overall survivability. Knowing when to duck is just as vital as knowing when to move. The ability to vary your stance, combined with the movement options that the game provides, permits a huge amount of flexibility in terms of tactical agility and how you can engage (or evade) an opponent.
There are three standard stances to choose from: Standing, Crouching, and Prone. Each of these stances has a different application and maximum movement speed. Standing allows you to move the fastest. But as in any other FPS tactical game, it also makes you more visible at range and causes you to generate the most noise. Crouching balances a low profile and reasonable movement speed and is an excellent stance for taking advantage of cover while generating the lowest amount of sound. And lastly, Prone is perhaps the most unique stance in Escape from Tarkov out of all the three. Prone makes you almost immobile, but it gives you excellent accuracy and greatly reduces your silhouette. However, take note that while doing this stance, you cannot lower the amount of noise you make by moving slowly. Therefore, being crouched is a far better stance to take in most situations.

Weapons and Equipment

Equipment in Escape in Tarkov covers a load of items. From body armor to backpacks, knowing what to bring along with you on a raid is critical to ensuring your success—both in terms of finance and survivability. When choosing your equipment, there are three factors to consider: availability, price, and quality. Expensive equipment and backpacks can hold a lot of magazines, meds, and loot. They will protect you from lots of threats, but those kinds of items can be hard to come by—especially if you don’t have much money and high trader loyalty levels. While a cheap loadout will not necessarily protect you as much and you won’t get to take a lot of loot on the way back. Either way, whichever fits your budget and preferences should be your choice in the end.

One thing we recommend is that you use the proper gaming setup as well. Specifically, in first person shootout games, you should have a proper gaming setup.  This includes using proper air coolers whether you are using an i7 or i8 PC setup.

Weaponry in Escape from Tarkov is your bread and butter, be it a simple sidearm or a lead-throwing M4 with extended magazines. The choice of what you go into a raid with is entirely yours. You can get better weapons through Escape from Tarkov trading with the traders, as well as Escape from Tarkov items. Firearm performance will vary depending on what modifications you use, and how you use them. Learning a weapon’s handling and other kinks, be it modified heavily, or a stock variant is vital to your overall success against other players and the AI enemies when in a raid.

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