rebound relationships
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Long-distance relationships are not too frustrating if you find the right person and you are ready to make things work no matter what. As for intercourse, you must know that you can be distant from your man or woman and still remain as close as ever. To ensure your sexual fire never dies out, see the tips below:

1. Talk about it, a lot: Since you will be spending a lot of time apart from your lover, communication is the key to keep the relationship alive. It is now up to both of you to make sure you talk about bedroom intimacy for as long as possible. You both have to be comfortable with it though.

Talk about your preferences in bed, the last time you did it, the things you both enjoyed e.t.c. This is not just dirty talk because talking about intercourse over the phone or physically helps your relationship to grow.

2. Sexy photos/videos: You have to be able to trust your lover enough with pictures and videos that will turn him or her on. It is very exciting and it makes your partner look forward to seeing you. Be creative with it though.

3. A lovely voice note: A sexy voice note in your flirty voice can work magic too. Try it today.

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