Over the last decade, trends in consumer behavior has established the truth that people would pay a premium to own things they can identify with. More often, these possessions guarantee a level of prestige among one’s peers and acquaintances. You can point to Apple’s solidification of the iPhone brand as one of such examples.
In this article we’ll discuss how to position your products and become an aspirational brand in a market that has many jostling for the same attention from consumers.

Why Should You Become an Aspirational Brand?

In the products and services market, what brands work towards the most is inspiring customer loyalty. But then, here’s something strange to think about.
More often, customers are only loyal to services that they already patronize. What happens with aspirational brands is that way before making a purchase, most first time patrons have already developed dedication to the product. They know how it’s going to feel to own, they anticipate how wonderful the experience would be, and they look forward to life as a member of the owners’ club.
For such brands, they don’t really need to convince anyone to like them. They’d rather you take a look at their dedicated band of loyalists and then decide on when to join the club.

How To Go About It

If you want to position your product or services  to become an aspirational brand then, read on and do these things.

Don’t Compare Your Brand To Others

Have you noticed that throughout the device wars going on, you never see Apple try to sell an iPhone by comparing it to the device they intend to push out of the market? What Apple does is to come to you and say “Hey, your iPhone is the real deal. But you know what? The  new iPhone we’ve designed is far advanced than what you have now, and we know you always want to use the best.” That is the right thing to do. Forget about the banter between Burger King and McDonalds.

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By extension, iPhone users have also adopted that attitude of not wanting to equate themselves to Android device users. Snobbish, if you ask me. But it’s not their fault, neither is it a bad thing in its entirety.
Apple only makes comparisons with their own products. Because when you compare yourself with others, you give them your platform to do some free advertising on.


Act in Consistency With Your Core Values

What did you say your brand was passionate about? Is it in delivering quality services to consumers? Did you say you were dedicated to supporting quality education by giving to educational programs in schools within your communities? Have you been consistent with that message such that it’s become synonymous with the brand?
Whatever it is that you say you are, people would measure your reliability based on how consistent you are in that department. Again we’ll go back to Apple and the quality expected in their devices. From the operating system to the hardware, you know there’s no compromise on quality. That is something Apple enthusiasts convince others into becoming new users with; an all-round top quality device.

Be Innovative and Ahead of The Curve

Of course, you’ll need more than the points listed above to become an aspirational brand that people look forward to having an experience with.
In modern times, innovation is what keeps brands and businesses alive. While this may be debatable to an extent, consumers do not remain loyal for long when there’s nothing about a brand excites them anymore. You may argue that the taste of Coca Cola has remained consistent for decades; regardless of the country you’re drinking it in. That’s because Coca Cola is an acquired taste for millions of people the world over and it doesn’t need to change.
On the other hand, if you’re a tech outfit, you’ll have to evolve and innovate — because you can’t choose to be left behind. A good case in point is Nokia. The company that brought us sturdy devices in the 1990s and early 2000s couldn’t adapt to the changing world brought on by Android. That made them fall off their high perch and are now making efforts to compete on the Android platform.

Final Take

You need to be true to your brand if you want to inspire loyalty and dedication from consumers. Remaining consistent in a world whose changing consumer habits tempt you to bend your convictions on the regular can be a tough job — but it’s not a difficult one.
Stay true to what your loyalists expect from you; making meaningful adjustments and modifications as time goes on. That way, once you have their ear, you’ll have their wonderful testimonies too.


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