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The African continent is seen as one of the poorest continents in the world, but it has its beauty too. Even if the media shows us several pictures of starving kids and poverty-stricken villages as they portray Africa on several platforms, the truth is that we have pretty sights as well. Most beautiful cities in Africa:

1. Luanda, Angola: This capital is home to Angola’s main seaport and administrative center and the Angolan government is currently investing in making Luanda more appealing to its citizens and visitors. The government is working on building huge houses to replace slums, perform extensive repaving, construct various highways and a big airport.

2. Johannesburg, South Africa: JB is the biggest and richest city in South Africa. A lively and enthusiastic city with an amazing culture, it is definitely the tourist’s paradise.

3. Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania: It is a popular city for business in Africa. Dar Es Salaam is actually the biggest and wealthiest city in Tanzania.

4. Nairobi, Kenya: Kenya provides a lovely landscape for its visitors. Filled with several business opportunities and tourism, it is also a decent choice destination for travel agents and tourists worldwide.

5. Abuja, Nigeria: Abuja is blessed with clean and wide roads, effective and affordable transportation, stunning, exotic private and government buildings plus the grandest mosque in the country. Nigeria might be known for its tough and harsh surroundings, but Abuja offers incredible comfort.

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